Home and Away’s Tane Parata regrets new hook-up with Felicity Newman

The former couple are brought back together.

Home and Away‘s Tane Parata gives into temptation with his estranged wife Felicity Newman on UK screens next week.

Tane and Felicity succumb to their desires after an awkward situation involving Summer Bay newcomer Harper Matheson.

In upcoming scenes on Channel 5, Harper’s sister Dana repeatedly winds her up over Tane’s recent attempt to kiss her.

Harper urges Dana to keep quiet and stop making an issue of what happened, but it’s already too late as Felicity overhears their conversation.


Afterwards, Harper goes into damage control mode by approaching Felicity and playing down the kiss. She makes it clear that she won’t ever pursue a relationship with Tane.

Next on Harper’s agenda is to warn Tane that Felicity now knows about what happened.

Bracing himself for trouble, Tane visits Felicity’s place to talk things through. Felicity stops him in his tracks, pointing out that Tane doesn’t owe her an explanation as they’re not together anymore.

Tane is surprised that Felicity is acting so maturely rather than lashing out. The former couple experience a charged moment, which leads to them sharing a kiss and rushing to the bedroom together.

After sleeping with Tane for the first time since their split, Felicity dares to hope that there’s still a future for their broken marriage. 

Sadly, Tane already seems to be regretting what happened as he makes his excuses to leave, pointing out that they’re both due at an imminent Surf Club meeting.

Tane and Felicity sit awkwardly through the Surf Club catch-up as Alf Stewart, Roo Stewart and John Palmer reluctantly announce a rent increase for all of the business owners in the building.

Too distracted by their own drama, Tane and Felicity both agree to the rent increase on behalf of the gym and Salt.


Later, Tane sees Felicity again and makes it clear that he sees their latest passionate encounter as a mistake.

Tane adds that it can never happen again – and he’s so determined to move on that he now wants to go to New Zealand for an indefinite stay. Will Tane really leave Felicity and the Bay?

Home and Away airs these scenes on Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21.

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.45pm on Channel 5, with repeat screenings at 6pm on 5STAR and first look screenings at 6.30pm on 5STAR. Selected classic episodes are available via Prime Video in the UK.

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