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GH Spoilers: Sonny Derails Gladys’ Puerto Rico Getaway – Livid Mob Boss Decides Fate

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General Hospital fans, brace yourselves for a heart-pounding episode as Gladys Corbin, portrayed by Bonnie Burroughs, returns home with plans for a hasty escape. In this intense installment, Gladys hopes to slip away to Puerto Rico before her world crumbles around her. However, her escape plans are abruptly disrupted when an unexpected knock echoes through her door.

The uninvited guest turns out to be none other than Sam McCall, portrayed by Kelly Monaco, who is determined to confront Gladys about her actions. Initially, Gladys stands her ground and refuses to open up to Sam’s inquiries. But Sam, undeterred, resorts to picking the lock and barging into the house, leaving Gladys seething with anger.

As tensions rise, Sam makes it crystal clear that the house rightfully belongs to Sasha, and she unleashes her fury on Gladys for her involvement in stealing from Sasha and for her questionable parenting of Brando Corbin, portrayed by Johnny Wactor.

Gladys, in an attempt to garner sympathy, plays the victim card, highlighting her own hardships since losing Brando and a grandson. However, Sam remains relentless, focusing on the trauma Gladys inflicted upon Sasha.

Just when Gladys thinks things can’t get any worse, the situation takes a spine-chilling turn as Sonny enters the scene. Sam continues to level accusations at Gladys, causing her to spiral into paranoia, suggesting that Sam might be having an affair with Cody Bell, portrayed by Josh Kelly.

In a desperate bid to escape the mounting pressure, Gladys claims she needs a vacation to clear her head after witnessing Sasha’s ordeal. Sonny, however, challenges her by asking how she intends to finance this getaway. The bombshell drops when Sonny reveals that he is aware of Gladys’s involvement in stealing from Sasha and her collaboration with Dr. Damon Montague, portrayed by Darin Toonder, to drug Sasha.

When Sonny insists that Sam leave him alone with Gladys, it sends Gladys into a state of panic. She pleads with Sam not to depart, fearing that Sonny might resort to drastic measures.

Sam reluctantly complies with Sonny’s request, granting him a private moment with Gladys. As the clock ticks, Gladys is left trembling with fear, uncertain of what fate awaits her at the hands of Sonny.

Stay tuned, General Hospital enthusiasts, as this electrifying showdown unfolds. The forthcoming episodes promise to deliver shocking revelations that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

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