GH Spoilers: Kevin Needs Laura To Face Some Facts

General Hospital spoilers for October 2, 2023, reveal worried mothers, worried fathers, and worried friends. You won’t want to miss a moment of this exciting new episode.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Nikolas (Adam Huss) did what he set out to do, and now his mother is sure he is alive, but still doesn’t know how to find him. That was what Nikolas told Austin (Roger Howarth) he wanted, but Laura (Genie Francis) is not about to give up.

Too bad Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) tells her that she might want to put this search on hold for now. He correctly theorizes that Nikolas is the one who made sure Laura got the evidence of his living and breathing status but is also actively making sure he is not found. Will Laura listen to Kevin and give up for the moment, or is she still one determined mama bear?

General Hospital: Valentin Walks A Fine Line

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is in over his head in a lot of areas, including Pikeman, his lies to Anna (Finola Hughes), and his troubled daughter Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). When he confers with Marty (Michael E. Knight), will the attorney be able to help him out of any of these jams?

Meanwhile, Anna is still suspicious of Valentin and voices her concerns. Does she tell Valentin what she thinks is going on, or is this discussion with Dante (Dominic Zamprogna)?

GH Spoilers: Gladys Has Nowhere To Turn

Perhaps Dante is more worried about the Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) situation now that she’s back at Ferncliff. Sam once again has to try to save Sasha, so she starts with Gladys (Bonnie Burroughs).

As Gladys packs to skip town and fly to Puerto Rico, Sam (Kelly Monaco) stops by to goad and question Gladys. She finally caves and gives away some of her game, but she has no idea the danger coming to her next.

In case you missed it, mornings on Soap Hub are for commentary or wild speculation about General Hospital’s current stories — where they’re going, how they’re doing, and sometimes just what we’re hoping we will see in the near future in Port Charles. We’re particularly fond of this one, so please click here to read it.


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