From Triumphs to Trials: Christine Brown’s Unpredictable Health Journey

Is Sister Wives star Christine Brown alright? Many fans and followers are concerned about her following her most recent Instagram post.

For several seasons now, Christine has been one of the most popular cast members. Fans love her fun-loving personality and her courage. They would hate to see anything happen to the TLC star, especially so soon after Garrison Brown’s death.

Keep reading to find out more about Christine’s latest Instagram post and see what might be going on with her.

Christine Brown Lays Out Her Health Issues On Instagram

For many years, Christine Brown has led a very public life. She may not share every aspect of her personal life with her followers, but fans do love getting to know her.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Lately, the TLC personality decided it was time to open up about some of her personal health issues — even if it is just to promote her business.

“Hello, beautiful souls! 💫 Ever been on a rollercoaster without leaving your house?” Christine Brown shared on Instagram. She attached a photo of herself smiling and gazing out a window. “Welcome to my world of unexpected twists and turns, courtesy of hot flashes & tummy issues. From fiery flashes to belly bloopers, it’s been quite the journey. I invite you to join me in embracing these moments. Dive into the details @healthylivingco_”

Since it’s a promo for her business, Christine turned off comments on the post as she typically does. However, plenty of fans were likely worried about her range of health issues.


Christine Brown doesn’t typically open up about her personal health issues. But in the past, she has detailed experiencing menopause symptoms.

Fans and followers have been critical of her MLM products in the past. It’s entirely possible she’s simply trying to connect with potential customers in her age group. In all likelihood, it doesn’t seem that fans have much to worry about when it comes to their favorite Sister Wives star.

The TLC Star Is Ready To Be Done With Menopause

About five weeks ago, Christine publicly shared she had entered a major change in life. It was another ad for her MLM products, but fans found it to be pretty relatable.

“Navigating menopause felt like a battle against relentless discomfort😞 hot flashes during the day😰 sleepless nights drenched in sweat🥵, and mood swings🫣 that left me feeling unrecognizable. I was desperate🙏🏼 for a solution that could restore my sense could restore my sense of normalcy and well-being,” she shared.


What do you think about Christine Brown’s latest Instagram post? Are you concerned for her well-being? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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