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Chrisley Knows Best

Family Feud: Is Savannah Taking Revenge on Lindsie Chrisley?

Revenge or Justice? Savannah Chrisley’s Alleged Plan Against Lindsie

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Savannah and Lindsie might be the same person’s daughters, but they are very different. The former Chrisley Knows Best sisters have an ongoing feud, and many fans believe that their differences might be the root of this feud.

But things might not be as easy as they seem. Savannah has claimed Lindsie helped the government imprison Todd and Julie. So, the fans believe the former is taking revenge on Lindsie for her parents. She might be trying to increase the distance between Lindsie and her dad, Todd.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Is Trying To Distance Todd From Lindsie

Savannah and Lindsie’s fight isn’t plain old sister rivalry. It has accusations, including family betrayal and slander. People expected things to get dramatic, as both Lindsie and Savannah were real TV stars. But they didn’t think it would be as extreme as it is now. This is because Savannah revealed she had told Lindsie that she wasn’t allowed at Todd and Julie’s oral appeal.

The younger Chrisley Knows Best star claimed she stopped Lindsie as Todd didn’t want her there. But the fans think there is something deeper at play here. Many feel this is Savannah’s way of getting revenge on Lindsie. They opine that she is trying to distance her dad from Lindsie as a way to harm Lindsie emotionally. Savannah had revealed on her Instagram Q&A that she didn’t want to “address” the matter “publicly.” But Lindsie was already talking about it on her own podcast, so she had to “address it.”

Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah admitted she “most certainly told” Lindsie “not to attend” the appeal. According to the USA Network star, her father didn’t want his elder daughter there. But Savannah showed no remorse, saying she was “happy” she “said” the things. Chisley Knows Best fans felt she was more happy about the emotional distance between Todd and Lindsie. They also thought she intentionally tried to widen this rift to exact revenge on Lindsie.

Many fans took to Reddit to discuss the sister feud. Some fans were angry with how Savannah behaved towards her half-sister. They argued that she doesn’t “control the government,” stating it was “a public hearing.” Others believe Savannah is behaving in a very bossy way. They wished Lindsie “would’ve” gone “anyway.” Most of the fans believe this is just Savannah’s ploy to increase the distance between Todd and Lindsie.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Is Exposing Lindsie’s Evil Nature

Savannah and Lindsie’s ongoing feud is on their podcasts and online. The fans can get a scoop from any of these places. But recently, Savannah felt her sister had gone too far. So she decided to expose Lindsie’s ‘real’ nature. She took to social media to make the threatening announcement.

Chrisley Knows Best

The Chrisley Knows Best star uploaded a video to her Instagram stories. In the video, she talked about exposing her half-sister’s vile texts. The video made it to Reddit, where an OP posted it with “Savannah rants about Lindsie pt3” as a caption. In the video, Savannah said she was “trying to be the bigger person here,” but Lindsie wasn’t backing down. So, after a lot of “back and forth,” Savannah decided to post the “screenshots of (their) text messages.”

It appears Lindsie and Savannah fought after the latter banned Lindsie from attending Todd and Julie’s appeal. This might have enraged Lindsie, who called Savannah “names” and “stupid” and some things. And since Lindsie is trying “to make” things “public,” Savannah might soon expose these texts.

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