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Chrisley Knows Best

Does ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Return Tonight? Here’s The Latest On The Season 10, Part 2 Release Date!!!

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Chrisley Knows Best series has reportedly been canceled after Todd and Julie’s imprisonment. The couple debuted on the show in 2014 to feature their unique family dynamics. USA Network fans followed their journey for years. Todd and Julie gained huge popularity from the audience during the years. Sadly, the couple faced the worst nightmare when they were accused of bank fraud and tax evasion.

The former has been sentenced to 12 years while his wife was sentenced to seven years. The TV stars have been behind bars for the past few months. The entire Chrisley family is learning to navigate through the new dynamics of family. They are adjusting to their new life while their parents are away in prison. Now, it seems that the production company behind the show has also shut down.

Chrisley Knows Best: Production Company Behind The Show Faces Shutdown?

Chrisley Knows Best series has been with the audience for years. The show has become a staple for the USA Network fans. Todd and Julie’s arrest directly impacted the show’s future. The network had to cancel the series due to the huge controversy behind the couple’s arrest. Fans had no idea if they would ever return to the network.

Now, it seems that the production company behind the series is closing down. Recently, All3Media production company decided to shut down Maverick TV USA. The production company has been running Netflix’s Barbeque Showdown and USA Network’s Chrisley Knows Best for years. Sadly, it will be the latest unscripted business to fail due to poor market conditions.

Chrisley Knows Best

All3Media has been planning to shut down its US operations which have been run by Simon Knight for years. The production company has been running the top series Barbeque Showdown for years on Netflix. As per Deadline, The company suffered a huge loss at the time of Todd and Julie’s imprisonment. The show was among the biggest earners of the company.

Hence, the controversy behind the reality TV star has deeply impacted the production company. Currently, Barbeque Showdown has been running its second season on Netflix. Moreover, the food competition series will be airing its third season in July this year. USA Network has canceled the show from Chrisleys. Further, Savannah has already hinted at her new reality TV show about the family.

Chrisley Knows Best: Grayson Chrisley Spent First Birthday Without Todd & Julie!

Todd and Julie’s children have been adjusting to their new life away from their parents. The Chrisley Knows Best pair is serving a prison sentence as Savannah took charge of her younger brother, Grayson, and niece Chloe. Grayson is the youngest and most loved family member. Indeed, it was tough for him to adjust after his parent’s arrest. Fortunately, Savannah stood up for him and adopted him.

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Recently, Grayson celebrated his 18th birthday without his parents. Fans of the series know how much Todd and Julie loved their kids. Hence their absence must be very hard on the kids. Despite this, Savannah uploaded a special post to lighten his mood. She posted his shirtless picture to announce that he officially turned 18.

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