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Devastating News: Julie Chrisley Faces Potential Cancer Return Without Todd’s Knowledge!

Todd and Julie have been married for many years now. The Chrisley Knows Best pair loves each other a lot and has three kids together. While most of their lives have been a bed of roses, recent years haven’t been so kind.

Julie and Todd went to prison in 2023 for tax fraud and evasion. They were in separate prisons and hadn’t talked to each other since imprisonment. So when Julie revealed that her cancer might have come back, fans worried about her. However, some fans were also worried that Todd had no idea about it since they hadn’t talked in 13 months.

Chrisley Knows Best: Does Todd Knows Julie’s Cancer Might Be Back?

Todd and Julie have been in separate prisons for 13 months now. Sources even revealed that they hadn’t been able to talk with each other during that time. The Chrisley Knows Best couple is really facing some challenging situations. All the while, Julie decided to journal her experience in a diary. Savannah has been sharing the diary excerpts on her Unlocked podcast.

Julie had written in her diary that she had a very high HCG level of 10.2. It might have indicated a pregnancy, but with Todd’s absence, that wasn’t a possibility. So, the next possible explanation would be the presence of a tumor. Julie had breast cancer back in 2012, so this possibility was scary and broke her.

Chrisley Knows Best

The star was scared and alone in prison. Julie also missed her husband, Todd. And the fans feel there is a possibility that Todd has no idea about Julie’s condition. Savannah had revealed on her podcast that the prison never told her about cancer. Julie also decided to keep it a secret from her family for a while. So, it’s possible they didn’t tell Todd about it.

Many Chrisley Knows Best fans are sure Todd doesn’t know Julie’s Cancer might be back. They believe Todd would do anything to be there with Julie if he knew about the cancer. We can’t say anything for sure, but this could be a possibility. Savannah hasn’t given any update about Julie’s cancer diagnosis yet.

Chrisley Knows Best: Is Julie Coming Home Early For Cancer Treatment?

Savannah has repeatedly said how incompetent prison doctors are, along with other lack of amenities. And now that her mom Julie has cancer, fans wonder how the treatment will happen. The doctors had told Julie that she had high HCG levels, indicating a tumor. So how will the Chrisley Knows Best star get treatment for her ailment?

Chrisley Knows Best

Many fans think the court might release her early for the much-needed treatment. This might be the best course of action after Savannah’s remark about uneducated prison doctors. Fans think the court might have some pity and release Julie early to get the treatment.

When Julie first asked for basic blood work, the prison denied it. So, we are not so sure the early release might happen. But if the Judge has a change of heart, then this might be possible. However, there is no confirmation yet.

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