Danger for Cash and Stevie in stalker storyline

Next week on Home and Away, Cash and Stevie face danger after receiving a mysterious gift from a fan – as Cash begins the hunt to catch the stalker.

Last week saw Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) land himself a new job, acting as bodyguard for famous actress Stevie Marlow (Catherine Văn-Davies), who needs protecting from a stalkerish fan who has been making her life hell.

Cash quit his job as a senior constable earlier this year after his superiors placed him on limited duties for his part in harbouring Dana Matheson (Ally Harris).

Deciding he was done with the red tape and bureaucracy of the police force, Cash began working for a private security firm, but found that nights spent patrolling a local shopping mall wasn’t the exciting new career he was hoping for.

Thankfully, he was soon presented with a new opportunity, and as he headed to a large yacht for an interview with an as-yet-unknown new client, he found himself face-to-face with the famous actress.

Stevie revealed that she’s spent months being harassed by a stalker, who went as far as to break into her house and take photos of her sleeping.

She was staying on the yacht to avoid detection, but Cash insisted that it was still too public a location, and she’s now hiding away in a luxury apartment, unable to leave until Cash cracks the case.

Yet with little to no information to go on, Cash is clueless as to where to begin.

While Cash himself was unfazed by his new job, having no idea who Stevie was, his girlfriend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and friend Harper (Jessica Redmayne) are both incredibly excited that he gets to work with such a big name.

“Only you could spend hours with a celebrity and act like it’s the most boring job in the world,” quipped Flick as Cash could only muster up a “fine” when asked how his latest shift went.

Tonight’s Australian episode saw Cash give into sister Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) demands that they watch Stevie’s best-known film, Death Throes, giving him the chance to get to know his client’s body of work.

While Cash was initially reluctant, and cringed at the film’s cheesy beginning, he soon began to get into the production, and it wasn’t long before he was on the edge of his seat, nervously awaiting the next dramatic jump scare.

The sibling movie night ended up proving useful when Cash spotted a major clue. Asking Flick to pause the movie, we saw the numbers 2346 on the screen, a combination that Cash was sure he’d seen before.

Sure enough, a look through the case files confirmed it – one of the photos taken by Stevie’s stalker had the same number written on the back.

Asking Felicity to remind him of the significance of the numbers in the film, she confirmed that they were the time that the murders happened.

“So it’s time of death?” he confirms, to a nod from Flick.

Has Cash just got his first big clue to catch Stevie’s stalker?

Now, a new promo reveals that he’s about to get a second clue, as the stalker makes their next move.

The promo, which aired after Thursday’s episode, shows Stevie receiving a seemingly innocent gift in the mail next week – a cute teddy bear. It’s left outside the door of Stevie’s apartment, leading Cash to fear that someone has found out where she’s hiding.

Cash gets Stevie to call her agent to confirm that they sent, and not someone who’s discovered their hiding place.

Thankfully, the agent confirms that they forwarded it on, but while it was sent to them by a fan, they have no idea who.

“Creepy, but not dangerous, right?” says Stevie as Cash opens the box to reveal the cute bear.

Cash reminds her that they can’t be too careful however, and sets about delicately unstitching the bear to see if anything is hidden inside.

“That’s a camera,” he exclaims as he discovers a device and wires hidden inside.

The pair soon discover that Stevie’s stalker already managed to capture a photo from the hidden camera and send it back to himself.

Logging onto Instagram (or the similar-looking Summer Bay equivalent), Stevie finds she’s been tagged in a photo – her and Cash staring in at the bear.

“Just look,” says Stevie, handing her phone over. “Somebody’s uploaded it to social media.”

Uploaded by ‘steviemarlowfan2346’, the photo has a caption underneath: “Eyes on Stevie and her boyfriend.”

With the stalker believing Cash to be Stevie’s boyfriend, will he find himself a target too?

It seems the discovery leads to Cash tracking the stalker down. The promo ends with him running at full pelt, before diving under the rapidly closing shutters of an industrial building.

Has he managed to track down the mysterious stalker?

We already know that there’s further drama in store, as Stevie eventually heads to the bay, wherein appears that she gets shot…

Footage of filming, taken earlier this year by fan Ingrid Rose Foster, shows Nicholas Cartwright (Cash) running towards Catherine Văn-Davies (Stevie), before a director shouts “Bang!”, signalling for the actors and extras to react to the sound of a gun going off.

Stevie then collapses in Cash’s arms before writhing on the ground, as the extras react in shock.

Video footage shows Nicholas Cartwright scream out, “She’s been shot, somebody call an ambulance,” as the beachgoer extras flee the beach in search of help.

Ingrid Rose Foster / Home and Away Spoilers and Gossip

Photos from a later date then emerged showing the filming of a wake, with a cardboard sign with ‘RIP Stevie’ written on it, appearing to confirm that the new character dies within months of arriving in Summer Bay…

Stevie’s wake is attended by at least Roo (Georgie Parker), Alf (Ray Meagher), John (Shane Withington) and Justin (James Stewart), suggesting that the actress will make a good impression on the residents of Summer Bay in her short time in the town.

However, while the scenes appear to confirm Stevie’s death, fans on social media are wondering whether the dramatic scene was orchestrated by Cash as a way to draw her stalker out.

Does Stevie really die? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 11th March (Episode 8221)

Stevie has a target on her head. Theo is forced to lie. Valerie refuses to help herself.

Tuesday 12th March (Episode 8222)

Remi pushes himself to the limit. Stevie’s stalker gets too close. Eden calls for help.

Wednesday 13th March (Episode 8223)

A stubborn Remi puts his own life at risk. Eden demands the truth from Levi. Bree starts to fall apart.

Thursday 14th March (Episode 8224)

Levi keeps up with his lies. Tane is trapped by red tape. Roo is called to action.

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