Cole Hauser Shares His Secrets For A Successful Marriage

Cole Hauser has joined the growing list of celebrities offering their tips for maintaining a lasting marriage.

In a recent conversation with Fox News about his new coffee company, Free Rein, the Yellowstone actor revealed how he and his wife, photographer Cynthia Daniel, have made their 17-year marriage work.

“First, communication. Second is listening, which is actually the most important part of communication,” Hauser said. “We believe in the same dream, which is in creating the best children we know how. And she makes a great cup of coffee.”

Hauser and Daniel spoke with Us Weekly in January about how they avoid falling into a rut.

“I would have to say that Cole never lets things get too stagnant,” Daniel shared. “He’s always wanting us to improve and grow and not be that old married couple that sits on the couch all day. He’s like, ‘No, no, no, let’s go. We gotta keep the fire.’”

Hauser added that their relationship is like a “two-way street.”

“Being able to listen to each other, make sure that people are acknowledged in a relationship—and we have kids too—especially making sure that you give each other time, that she’s not running to the ground,” he explained. “I work really hard, but at the same time too, she’s at home [doing] the parenting thing. So I’m eternally grateful to have her in my life.”


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The couple share three children: sons Ryland, 18, and Colt, 14, and 10-year-old daughter Steely Rose.

Ryland, who began his freshman year at TCU this fall, made headlines last year for receiving an offer to play football at Mississippi State. Ultimately, he decided to focus on his studies in Texas.

“They have their own dreams,” Hauser told Fox. “And I’m really excited to see them follow them.”

The California-bred actor also discussed his family’s decision to move to Florida in 2022.

“I’ve lived all over this country, from Hollywood to Boston to New York to Texas to Oregon to Florida. I feel at home all across America,” Hauser explained. “The one thing I love about Florida is that there’s horseback riding right next to the ocean.”

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