92-year-old with 27 great-grandchildren confronts two armed men who broke into her home – “Is this a joke?”

When it comes to high-pressure, high-stakes situations, we all like to think we know how we would react. Whether it’s imagining coming upon the scene of a house fire where people are trapped inside or a helpless bystander caught up in an attempted bank robbery, we convince ourselves we would do the right thing. However, … Read more

An elderly woman marries at the age of 103. She says she is very much in love and love has no age.

John and Phyllis’ love story is a testament to the fact that love truly knows no bounds. Despite their advanced age, these two elderly individuals in the United States have found happiness together. As newlyweds, John and Phyllis have discovered that their desire for love and companionship is just as strong as it is for … Read more

Husband of Mass. Mom Who Allegedly Killed Their 3 Children Asks People to Forgive Wife

Lindsay Clancy was reportedly suffering from postpartum depression at the time of last week’s alleged murders. The husband of a Duxbury, Mass., mother, who allegedly killed their three children last week before attempting to take her own life, has spoken out about the horrific incident. On a GoFundMe page launched for his family, Patrick Clancy … Read more

Teen who survived shark attack off Florida coast takes first steps following leg amputation

Addison needs our prayers The Florida teenager who suffered a serious leg injury when a shark attacked her while she searched for scallops near Tallahassee, Florida is on the road to recovery after having part of her leg amputated. The 17-year-old’s family recently shared a video of her taking her first steps post-op and just … Read more

Jogger Helps Rescue Dog Buried Under Rocks on a San Francisco Beach Before Dangerous High Tide

A dog named Gwen is back home after ending up buried underneath huge, heavy rocks along a San Francisco beach. SF Animal Care and Control shared details about Gwen’s rescue on Instagram Friday. According to the organization, the “dog was buried under large rocks on Ocean Beach, down near the sewage treatment plant.” Rescuers from … Read more