Johnny Depp Speaks at Cannes About His ‘Comeback’ After Amber Heard Trial: ‘I Never Went Anywhere’

Johnny Depp is addressing his “comeback” and being canceled by Hollywood. Speaking at a press conference for his new movie Jeanne Du Barry at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, Depp, 59, said that while he did feel “boycotted” following his high-profile legal cases against ex-wife Amber Heard, people had been misled by “fiction.” … Read more

Fans Stunned To Hear Of Tim Allen’s Past

WOW! 😮 Tim Allen, a conservative Hollywood actor, has a secret past that he would rather not have known to the public. While known for his roles in family-friendly movies, Allen was once a convicted criminal who served hard time in prison. In 1978, he was arrested and convicted for dealing cocaine and sentenced to … Read more