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Chrisley Knows Best

BREAKING: Todd & Julie Chrisley Filming New Show from Inside Prison

Todd & Julie Filming For New Show From INSIDE Prison? Confirmed To Be A Part Of Latest Episodes

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Over the years, fans have loved watching Chrisley Knows Best show. It documented the lavish lives of Todd and Julie’s family until they had to go behind bars. Hence, their family show was canceled, and viewers lost all hope. But it seems that the star kids aren’t ready to give up on the franchise, as they recently announced a brand new show that would feature the Chrisleys again. Fans were shocked when they got to know that Todd and Julie would also be a part of this upcoming edition. Will they film in prison? How will they contribute to it?

Chrisley Knows Best: Todd & Julie Are A Part Of The New Edition! But How?

Todd and Julie had to leave their lavish life to serve their 19 years of combined imprisonment. This had an adverse effect on their popular show Chrisley Knows Best, as the USA Network immediately canceled it because of the same. However, Savannah and Chase didn’t give up and are finally bringing back another edition of the franchise. Fans were really happy to know that the Chrisleys were coming back to the reality realm. But they were in disbelief when they got to know about Todd and Julie’s involvement in the upcoming show.

Chrisley Knows Best

Recently, an attorney and partner at Weiner Law Group LLP named Jay Surgent revealed that he is skeptical. It is “highly doubtful” if the authorities would allow the “filming” in prison. But he seemed to be sure that Todd and Julie would still be a part of the show. The source revealed to People that the former is in constant touch with Savannah. Hence, he will keep adding his “viewpoints” regarding his kids, career, and the situation he is in prison.

So, for now, Todd and Julie from Chrisley Knows Best wouldn’t be “active film participants” but would surely express themselves via their kids on the upcoming unscripted docuseries. The source further added, “So they’re looking forward to it.”

Chrisley Knows Best: Todd Is Excited About The Upcoming Show

Jay Surgent recently confirmed that Chrisley Knows Best star Todd is really excited about his family’s comeback in the reality TV realm. He added that this show will be “natural and straightforward.” However, still, there are certain limitations when it comes to Todd and Julie’s legal predicament. So, there would be some aspects that they won’t be able to cover because of the limitations imposed on them. As per Surgent, they would be able to film or refer to any specific legal opinion. Still, they will have Nanny Fayne, who will talk and show concern regarding her kids and grandkids.

Chrisley Knows Best

Despite all this, Jay feels that Chrisleys have to be careful about what they say on the show. Apparently, they need to abstain from prejudicing their parents’ appeal at any cost. They are also not allowed to prejudice the prosecution’s position as well. Hence, they need to be “cautious” about it as it could have a diverse effect because of a small mistake. But Surgent was sure that the Chrisleys were taking good care of everything while Todd and Julie would also give their valuable inputs to the show.

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