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BREAKING: ‘Sister Wives ’ Fans, You’re Not Ready for This Series News

It seems that viewers won’t have to wait long for Sister Wives season 19. The polygamous family-based show has always been very entertaining. However, Sister Wives season 18 was probably the wildest one yet. Over the second half of 2023, fans watched the Brown family break apart as Janelle Brown contemplated her relationship with Kody Brown. At the same time, Meri Brown also decided to move out and debated with Kody about getting her a fair share of Coyote Pass land. When Kody Brown and Robyn Brown lost the other three wives, they embraced their new monogamous lifestyles.

Sister Wives Tell All episodes will probably be the most shocking parts of season 18. During the first part of the one-on-one, Kody revealed he had never had romantic feelings for Meri, Janelle, and Christine. Robyn was also devastated to learn about her husband’s true feelings about his first three wives and felt betrayed. She wasn’t ready for his bombshell reveal, and her reaction proved it all. Sister Wives’ season 18 finale almost made it seem like the show would be over for good, just like the Brown family. However, some details hint that the series will continue despite Kody’s three divorces.

Sister Wives Season 19 Latest News

Montage of Sister Wives’ Kody and Christine Brown

Sister Wives season 19 hasn’t been officially announced. However, some reports suggest the show will return in 2024. The show’s relatively high rating is one reason it will return. Most episodes in Sister Wives season 18 were nearly 8 out of 10 stars, hinting that the series is still very popular. The season 18 premiere drew almost 4 million viewers, ensuring the series will likely return. In November 2023, Christine Brown also confirmed Sister Wives season 19. According to Cheatsheet, she claimed that more of the Brown family story is left to tell, and viewers will see her in proximity with Kody again.

Sister Wives Season 19 Potential Release Window

Sister Wives stars Robyn, Janelle, Christine and Meri Brown looking upset

Unfortunately, the premiere date for the show has yet to be confirmed. However, past schedules hint that Sister Wives season 19 may premiere sometime in mid to late 2024. Season 17 came out in September 2022, and season 18 premiered in August 2023. Therefore, Sister Wives season 19 should be airing as early as August 2024.

Sister Wives Season 19 Potential Cast

Sister Wives Christine Brown Meri Brown Janelle Brown

Christine has already confirmed what fans can expect from Sister Wives season 19. During her last interview in November 2023, the mom of six shared that she and Kody will again be in the same room because of their kids. Christine claimed viewers will see the drama unfold in the “next season.” Viewers can expect to see the entire Brown family again in Sister Wives season 19 if it returns. The potential new season will likely cover Gwendlyn Brown’s relationship journey with Beatriz Queiroz, Christine’s new life with David Woolley, and Kody finally accepting monogamy with Robyn.

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