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Chrisley Knows Best

BREAKING: Savannah Says Julie & Todd Might Be Home By Summers!

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Savannah Chrisley regularly updates the fans about her parents, Todd and Julie. The Chrisley Knows Best star also talked about pathetic living conditions in prison. She has been vocal about her parents’ suffering since day 1.

The star has also discussed the legal aspects of her parents’ case on her Unlocked Podcast. With the hearing date coming closer, she is excited about the possibilities. Savannah hopes Todd and Julie will be home by summer to be with their family.

Chrisley Knows Best: Will Todd & Julie Be Home By Summer?

The whole Chrisley clan worried about Todd and Julie. They were a family of millionaires, so prison would be harder for them than it would be for others. But the Chrisley Knows Best pair is somehow surviving prison. However, both Todd and Julie are in separate prisons.

In her recent Unlocked podcast episodes, Savannah has been reading excerpts from Julie’s prison diary. Many excerpts made her tear up. But she felt proud of how her mother held herself in such difficult situations. Now, Savannah is focusing on the pair’s upcoming hearing.

Chrisley Knows Best

She also called the pair’s attorney, Alex Little, on her Podcast. They discussed the various outcomes of the upcoming appearance. Recently, in an interview with ET’s Nischelle Turner, Savannah talked about the appeal. She is really “looking forward to” the April 19 appeal. The star “hope(s)” her parents will be “home maybe later in the summer.”

As Todd and Julie are in prison, Savannah has to take care of her siblings, Grayson and Chloe. Savannah revealed that it is a “full-time job.” The duo wants her to go back to school to finish her law degree. However, that might only be possible if their “mom comes home.” But that doesn’t mean that Savannah has no support system. The Chrisley Knows Best star revealed that her boyfriend, Robert Shiver, greatly supports her.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Was On The Masked Singer To Make Her Parents Laugh

Chrisley Knows Best fans loved watching Savannah as the Afghan Hound on The Masked Singer. She was in The Wizard Of Oz-themed season 11. The star decided to do it as part of her “year of yes.” She revealed that the show’s team did try to train her. But Savannah told them it was a waste of time as she had “zero musical abilities.”

Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah’s appearance also had an ulterior motive. The star did it to give her parents something to look forward to. She wanted to make them laugh and smile at her silly behavior. The star also wanted to teach her siblings a very meaningful thing.

Her act was funny and simple, but it also sent a message to Grayson and Chloe. Savannah wanted to tell her siblings that doing things that make you “uncomfortable” and laugh is okay. She wanted them to have fun and make memories they could look back at.

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