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BREAKING: Savannah Exposes Big Prison Incident That Happened With Todd At Midnight!

Midnight Madness: Savannah Unveils Shocking Prison Incident Involving Todd's Dark Secret!

Chrisley Knows Best stars Todd and Julie are experiencing a new threat every day inside the prison. Savannah and Chase Chrisley are managing the entire family along with their parent’s court case alone. They have been exposing the real condition of their parents inside the prison.

The reality TV stars make sure that their fans can get complete knowledge of the couple’s life behind bars. Savannah also hired a new legal team to prove her parents innocent. She has vowed to bring them back with the same dignity as before.

However, she pointed out numerous times that someone is plotting against her parents. Now, it appears that Todd Chrisley has been forced to perform a suspicious thing in the middle of the night. What happened to him?

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Chrisley Shares An Important Note From Todd’s Inmate!

Todd and Julie are placed in different prisons for their sentence. However, their celebrity status has put them in trouble several times behind bars. Now, it appears that someone is plotting against Todd Chrisley again.

Recently, Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah shared a note written by Todd’s inmate. In it, the person revealed that the warden called an off-duty lieutenant to perform a urine test on Savannah’s dad. The inmate went on to reveal that Saulsberry (warden) called Brundage (lieutenant) at 12:30 in the night to take the test.

The inmate revealed that Brundage worked only during the day and never worked at night shit. Also, he noted that the warden doesn’t like Todd Chrisley. One of the big reasons for his grudges was because Savannah and his family exposed the real condition of prison to the whole world.

The inmate went on to add that Brundage kept the Chrisley Knows Best’s celeb urine sample with himself after the test. So, he thought that the two might be plotting against the star. Also, they might want to transfer him to another prison by failing him in the urine test.

However, Todd’s inmate requested Savannah to continue to expose the actual truth of prison. He also told her never to fear anyone as they need more voices to reveal their stories. Todd’s daughter shared the exact photo of the letter on her Instagram profile. Also, she wrote, “When will it end?” with a crying emoji.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Shares About The Life Of Todd And Julie Behind Bars!

Chrisley Knows Best Stars Todd and Julie are going through the worst phase of their lives. They had to leave their children and spend their prison sentences after the tax fraud and evasion case. Recently, Savannah shared some information about Todd’s life behind bars.

During her recent podcast, Todd’s daughter revealed that he had made some friends in Prison. Also, she noted that the reality TV celeb became friends with some high-profile people, such as Rick Singer. Also, her dad takes part in various activities inside the prison, such as sports, music, and crafts.

Previously, Savannah also shared about the inhuman conditions of the prison cells where her parents stay. Also, she revealed that her father doesn’t get most of the emails as someone destroys them before he gets them.

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