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BREAKING: Savannah Claims Prison Staff Planted “Drugs & Cellphone” In Todd’s Cell!

The Chrisley Knows Best family has a lot of money. So they don’t have everyday issues like getting a job or paying the next mortgage bill. But they have their own problems. For example, Julie and Todd are facing jail time for tax evasion and fraud. However, their problems don’t end there.

Todd faced awful prison conditions, and when he spoke out about them, he faced retaliation. Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah opened up about how the prison staff retaliated against Todd for his statements.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Alleges Prison Staff Retaliated Against Dad Todd

Savannah Chrisley has been very vocal about all her parents’ difficulties in prison. The Chrisley Knows Best star has talked about how much her parents and the prison inmates are going through. Todd also discussed these difficulties in his interview with Brian Entin from NewsNation. And now, Savannah reveals that the prison staff is retaliating against Todd for these statements.

Talking with Brian Entin, Savannah said, “The retaliation is real” and “heartbreaking.” She said the prison staff has also “gone to the extent of” trying “to ship” Todd. Apparently, the authorities say that their federal institution is not safe for Todd.

But they can’t “ship” Todd without reason, so they’re trying to find something he’s in violation of. The staff has gone “to the extent of planting cellphones, (and) drugs.” Efforts by the staff also include going through Todd’s lockers so they can really send him behind bars.

Chrisley Knows Best

Savannah had also said that she got information from insiders about the Federal Bureau of Prison (FBoP). The star added that “the warden and the BoP” should be scared of the information. She also said she’d “love to see (the COs) rock these green wardrobes.” Chrisley says they “are in violation of many federal laws, including theft, which is a huge, huge issue.”

The Chrisley Knows Best star also talked about what her mother is facing. Julie and Todd are in different prisons. But both are suffering from the pathetic prison conditions. Savannah said Julie is “struggling being away from her kids” and “the conditions are awful.” Chrisley also said Julie had to stay without heat at 30F in prison.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Shares Whistle-Blower Letter On Instagram

Todd and Savannah have already talked about how awful conditions in prison are. And now, the Chrisley Knows Best star has shared a whistle-blower letter on Instagram. In the joint post, fans could see how the letter alleged that Waeden Salsberry’s “minions” had hidden things from Deputy Director Lothrop. The Deputy Director Lothrop was visiting the prison, but the Warden was absent. Salsberry’s minions hid the black mold and the expired food.

The letter also said that the Warden was corrupting and “sometimes” “ignore(d)” the “Administrative Remedies.” Savannah also added that the prison staff was trying to “ship” Todd off to a different prison as well as retaliate against him.

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