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Breaking News: Savannah Chrisley Reveals Shocking Truth About Plastic Surgery

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley admitted to getting plastic surgery. Fans have noticed that she looks different these days. Not a day goes by when the reality star shares a selfie or bikini photo on social media.

The 24-year-old looks far different from how she did when she first appeared on the reality series. Savannah has been the center of plastic surgery rumors for years. Last year, TV Shows Ace last did a deep dive into her procedures. Now, see what the television personality has to say about the rumors.

Savannah Chrisley Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors
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Growing Up Chrisley star denies plastic surgery rumors

Savannah Chrisley tried to shut down the rumors in February 2018. She took to Instagram to share why she looks so different. The beauty lover attributes it to good genes and aging. Savannah shut down the haters and said that she won’t accept any questions about her ever-changing looks.

“Before the comments come flowing in…no I haven’t gotten a ton of work done!” Savannah Chrisley captioned the Instagram post at the time. “I’m not changing my face! This chick just loves her food right now. So if you’re a negative Nancy please direct yourself away from my page. #noshame. ”


[USA Network | YouTube]

In November 2018, Savannah addressed the rumors on Instagram once again. During a Q&A, one fan asked if she had breast implants. She said that “God and too much food gave me these boobs.” Savannah revealed that she got a “nose job.”


Since then, Savannah Chrisley hasn’t revealed if she’s gotten any other procedures. Instead, she’s been promoting her beauty line, Sassy by Savannah. The television personality also encourages her fans to be themselves. She’s also been focused on her internal health, especially when it comes to matters of mental health.

Savannah Chrisley remains tight-lipped on rumors

Savannah Chrisley raised eyebrows when she shared a photo of herself with her father Todd Chrisley in May 2021. She asked fans if they look alike. It also caught the attention of plastic surgeon Charles Galanis MD who claimed they both went under the knife.

“The fact is, no. The plastic surgery made you two look different,” Dr. Galanis wrote in the comment section. “You used to look alike. So honestly if you think the truth is ignorant then I’m sorry you feel that way.”


Savannah Chrisley's Before-And-After Photo [Credit: YouTube | Instagram]
[Credit: YouTube | Instagram]

Todd Chrisley clapped back: “Do you know how ignorant you are? Why tell the doctor that did those 10 surgeries that we had surgeries? You should see if @charlesgalanismd does charity work.”


Savannah Chrisley’s father admitted that he gets Botox injections and Halo laser treatments. However, she’s remained tight-lipped as of this year.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Savannah’s gotten more work done? Sound off below in the comment section.

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