BREAKING NEWS: Everything You Need to Know about Kevin Costner Leaving Yellowstone

Here’s why we won’t see the Dutton patriarch after the Season 5 finale.

Since its inception in 2018, the neo-Western series Yellowstone has stood on two pillars — Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the show, and Kevin Costner, its main star. But when one of those pillars collapsed, it became clear that the project could not continue, and the second part of Yellowstone’s Season 5 had to be the last.

For a long time, fans of the show have been confused by some conflicting reports — first, it was said that Costner was leaving the project, then that he was saying, and then he was leaving again. Now, the actor’s departure is a settled matter, and there is no chance we’ll ever see Yellowstone Season 6 ever hitting the screens.

While the reason for the actor’s departure from the show hasn’t been officially announced, insiders agree that Costner is leaving due to scheduling conflicts, as filming Yellowstone prevents him from focusing on his own neo-Western movie, Horizon. The epic project is supposed to have four parts, the first of which will hopefully premiere later this year.

All four movies are presumably being shot at the same time, making the actor even busier. In addition to his acting commitment to the new project, Costner also serves as the director and producer on Horizon.

It is no wonder that the Yellowstone star is so deeply involved in producing the new movies, but it was apparently his dedication to Horizon that became the basis for the conflict between him and Taylor Sheridan.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Costner could only be present on the Yellowstone set for one week to shoot the second part of Season 5. Naturally, the production required that the lead actor would make more time to wrap up the project, and it is still unclear how the Yellowstone writers will manage to bring all of John Dutton’s arcs to a satisfying closure.

In the remaining episodes of Season 5, Jamie Dutton, the son of Costner’s character, will implement his plan to impeach his father as governor to take over him, and John will have to confront Thomas Rainwater, who is unhappy about a pipeline potentially running through the reservation.

In addition, the Duttons’ livestock is threatened by a bacterial disease, and the US Fish and Wildlife Park wants to get rid of endangered wolves. To solve all these problems, the strong hand of the Dutton family patriarch is needed.

But despite Kevin Costner’s departure, the Yellowstone franchise remains relevant and popular. Notably, a new spin-off starring Matthew McConaughey was greenlit in April, and the Paramount Media Networks CEO has confirmed that the show will replace the original Yellowstone when Costner leaves the franchise for good.

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