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BREAKING: Nanny Faye’s Latest Cancer News Shakes the Chrisley Knows Best World!

Nanny Faye has always been one of the most loved stars of the Chrisley Knows Best clan. Her optimistic and charismatic personality has constantly gathered the attention of her viewers. Hence, even during her cancer battle, the entire fan base was there to support her.

However, amid Todd and Julie’s imprisonment scandal, it has been a while since Nanny didn’t give any health update. Hence, she recently decided to talk about the same and revealed some shocking facts regarding her medical condition. Is Nanny Faye cancer-free now? Is she fine?

Chrisley Knows Best: Nanny Faye Gives Major Cancer Update! How Is She?

Chrisley Knows Best fans were heartbroken when they got to know about Nanny Faye’s cancer. She was struggling with bladder cancer while the entire family was praying for her. Fortunately, the celeb was strong enough to fight her medical condition and has been living a stable life for a while now.

Amid all this, viewers were curious to know if Faye was finally cancer-free or not and how she was doing after her son, Todd, and daughter-in-law Julie’s imprisonment. Recently, she appeared on Lindsie’s podcast, named The Southern Tea, and talked about her current health status.

Chrisley Knows Best

Nanny admitted that everyone knew that she was battling with bladder cancer. She further added with a sigh of relief, “I’m in remission, thank God.” The celeb stated that she has been “out” and “moving around” these days with the “best” she can do! Lindisie was really happy with this revelation and confessed that it was a “relieving feeling.”

The duo further talked about the medication when Nanny stated, “It said that my PET scan was clear..” She was happy to announce, “No cancer nowhere.” So, as per Nanny Faye, she doesn’t have to go for further treatments currently. Yet, she has to come back after “three months” for a checkup.

Hence, if everything stays fine, the celeb can definitely move on then. Chrisley Knows Best fans couldn’t control their joy after hearing that their favorite matriarch was doing well these days.

Chrisley Knows Best: Nanny Faye Has Been A ‘Champ’ All Throughout Her Cancer Battle

The popular Chrisley Knows Best star Todd first talked about Nanny Faye’s cancer in June 2022. He revealed this devastating news on his family podcast and left the viewers in tears. The celeb had confessed that his mother has been dealing with this condition since 2021, and initially, they wanted to keep things private.

However, Nanny had to undergo “weekly” treatments and was evidently in a lot of pain. Amid all this, Savannah Chrisley, on her Unlocked podcast, talked about how bravely her grandmother was dealing with the situation.

Savannah revealed that Nanny Faye has been a “champ” throughout her chemotherapy sessions. She stated how the latter used to get her treatment and then be just down for a day. Then, the following day, her grandmother would be sitting in her car, ready to go to a casino.

The Chrisley star, Savannah, even praised the high and positive spirits that Nanny had during her entire dark phase. On the other hand, Faye stated, “I’m early to bed, early to rise. It makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

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