BREAKING: Luke Grimes Says Goodbye to Yellowstone

Luke Grimes, renowned for his portrayal of Kayce Dutton in the acclaimed series Yellowstone, is preparing to bid farewell after five remarkable seasons.

In a heartfelt message, Grimes hinted at his departure with a poignant five-word farewell, signaling the end of his journey on the iconic show. Despite the emotional farewell, Grimes is shifting his focus to his blossoming country music career, leaving behind a legacy that has deeply touched the hearts of viewers.

Reflecting on his time on Yellowstone, Grimes shared the profound impact the show has had on his life. Over the past seven years, he has been an integral part of the Yellowstone family, immersing himself in the rugged beauty of the ranch and the intricate dynamics of the Dutton family.

Grimes expressed his deep connection to the show, describing it as one of the most intense and rewarding experiences of his life.


Grimes expressed gratitude for the memories and lessons from Yellowstone, calling it a transformative journey that has shaped his perspective and pushed him to new heights as an artist and a person. As he bids adieu to Yellowstone, Grimes is also embarking on a new musical journey, drawing inspiration from his experiences on the show to create authentic, soul-stirring melodies that resonate with audiences.

With his debut full-length album, Grimes invites listeners to join him on a musical odyssey that reflects the trials and triumphs of his life. As he steps into a new chapter, Grimes remains committed to authenticity and self-discovery, promising a future filled with promise and artistic growth.

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