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Chrisley Knows Best

BREAKING: Lindsie Excluded from Crucial Family Event!

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Chrisley Knows Best stars Savannah and Lindsie are never able to find common ground for their issues. After their parents went behind bars, they started to share a way more estranged relationship than before. Hence, there have been several instances when these two have butted heads publicly.

Amid all this, viewers recently saw Savannah calling out Lindsie. She made some shocking revelations after the latter claimed that her sister banned her from attending Todd’s hearing. Is this true? What is this all about?

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Slams Lindsie In An Online Rant!

Savannah isn’t someone who holds anything in her heart. Moreover, when it comes to Lindsie, she is extra furious and never fails to call her sister out. The same happened after Lindsie made a shocking claim on her podcast. She stated that she wasn’t able to attend Todd and Julie’s hearing because Savannah asked her to stay away. As per the Chrisley Knows Best celeb, the latter warned her and said that she would be asked to leave if she turned up.

Fans were in disbelief, but they couldn’t believe their eyes when Savannah confirmed this news. During a recent Q&A session, she admitted to asking Lindsie not to attend the hearing. The celeb claimed that Todd didn’t want her there because he simply didn’t want to have any kind of “relationship” with her.

Savannah made it clear that she didn’t regret telling Lindsie that she wasn’t wanted there. She explained that it was Todd and Julie’s hearing and that they had all the right to say who they wanted and who they didn’t want around them. The celeb further revealed that this message was actually carried by none other than Nanny Faye. However, Savannah admitted that all these things were meant to be private, but she had to discuss this after her sister did it on her podcast.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Says That Lindsie Sent Her Some ‘Wild’ Text Messages

Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah initially didn’t want to spill the tea. But when she saw Lindsie accusing her of several things, she ranted her heart out on Instagram. The celeb claimed that the latter would go to all “depths” just for a few minutes of fame and attention. Todd’s daughter wasn’t able to control her calm and revealed Lindsie’s reaction.

Savannah claimed that when she asked Lindsie not to attend the hearing, she wasn’t able to control her nerves. The latter was quick to send some “wild” messages to her and accused her of several things. The celeb revealed that her sister actually called her with many “names” during the entire conversation. But even after all this, Savannah was trying to be the bigger person.

But now it seems that she also isn’t able to tolerate all of Lindsie’s drama. Savannah made it clear that the next step would be posting the screenshots of all the chats that they both had. She stated that she was ready to set things straight and wouldn’t hesitate a bit to share the proof on social media.

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