BREAKING: Lainey Wilson Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Kelly Reilly’s On-Set Behavior

Lainey Wilson Talks About Working With Kelly Reilly On "Yellowstone"

Lainey Wilson received a one-of-a-kind gift from Yellowstone‘s Beth Dutton. Actress Kelly Reilly was one of many who knew the singer was having a difficult time on set, so she prepared something soothing.

It wasn’t whiskey. Talking to Adison Haager for the Dutton Rules podcast, Wilson reflected on her time on set with Reilly and how the two have remained close.

“The truth is, she made me bath salts,” Wilson shares. “She loved on me. She encouraged me. She lifted me up.”

The “Heart Like a Truck” singer actually made several friends for life on the show. They all surrounded her with support when her father was hospitalized and given a 1 percent chance to live.

“Every day we were on set they were wanting updates about, ‘How’s your daddy doing? We’re praying. We’re lifting him up,’” she says (listen to the full podcast below). “Every single person just came up to me and was loving on me as much as they could. That’s truly, I think, what also gave me the strength to keep on pushing through.”


Reilly was at the head of the line. It took about a minute for Wilson’s anxiety about acting to fade after meeting the woman behind Beth. If you recall, her very first scene was with the Dutton daughter.

“When we got to talking, we were so just amazed by each other’s accents,” Wilson says. “Because, you know she’s British? We were, like, looking at each other. We needed a translator between me and her.”

This next part came with a great British accent you need to hear to appreciate.

“She was like, ‘I was hoping that we could be friends on the show.’”

“She’s just a great person,” Wilson concludes.

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