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Chrisley Knows Best

BREAKING: Fans Will Hear Directly From Todd Chrisley From Inside Prison

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The Chrisley Family is super rich. Julie and Todd are the heads of the family. Todd is a business tycoon, and Julie is a housewife. The show also features the rest of their family. Chrisley Knows Best audiences loved to see their affluent lifestyle.

Julie and Todd recently went to prison for fraud and evading taxes. They are currently serving 7 and 12-year sentences. Savannah Chrisley and Attorney Jay Surgent usually speak for the pair. However, this time, Todd will communicate directly with the ‘fans.’ He will be appearing for a special interview.

Chrisley Knows Best: Todd Will Communicate With Fans From Prison

Fans don’t have any direct information about Todd Chrisley. Attorney Jay Surgent or Savannah Chrisley usually delivers news and information about him. The Chrisley Knows Best pair has not contacted anyone outside prison yet. However, this might change soon.

Todd Chrisley is all set to talk to the ‘world.’ Chrisley will make an appearance on NewsNation. According to Reddit, Todd will ‘speak’ on December 8, which is a Friday. And, the ‘interview’ will happen around 8 pm EST. Brian Entin revealed that he’ll also talk with Todd’s daughter, Savannah.

Chrisley Knows Best

Fans read Brian’s X/Twitter update and had a lot to say about it. One fan called this news a part of “their publicity tour.” They added that this would change “nothing” for Todd and Julie. However, the fan still couldn’t “believe this story”. Another one just said this would be “a long 12 years for Todd”.

However, a faction of fans was happy for the Chrisley Knows Best couple. Some fans also commented about being glad about Savannah’s appearance. One fan complimented her writing that it is “a great way to step up for her family.” And another fan was just happy that someone was “trying to help” them.

Chrisley Knows Best: Savannah Talks About Parents “Thanksgiving Win”

Julie and Todd Chrisley’s appeal has progressed. The Chrisley Knows Best couple’s attorney shared the news with RadarOnline and the fans. And the pair is “pleased” with the news. However, before Jay and the fans, Savannah received the news first.

The USA Network star was having a hard time during her holidays. But the news brightened everything for her. Savannah remembered “literally sobbing” when she got the news. It was some “huge news” for her and also a “Thanksgiving win.”

Chrisley Knows Best

But the star is still trying to be rational and curbing her enthusiasm. Savannah said the appeal was “an opportunity to cement the panel’s decision.” And since it’s the couple’s “final chance to save” their case, it is extremely important. Savannah had also explained how this was a rare occurrence.

As Savannag explained, only 6 percent of the appealed cases are accepted. So, maybe Todd and Julie are a step closer to coming home for the holidays sooner. Attorney Surgent told Todd they are “working for it.” The date of the hearing is March 25, 2024

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