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BREAKING: What Abby Lee Miller Just Exposed About Todd Chrisley Will Shock You

Todd Chrisley is in prison on charges of fraud and evasion of taxes. The Chrisley Knows Best star is currently serving a ten-year sentence while his wife is serving a seven-year sentence. Both the husband and wife find adjusting to prison conditions hard.

Well, Todd has been pretty outspoken about the pathetic living conditions there. While many have been sympathetic towards Todd, some didn’t think it was a good strategy. In fact, Abby Lee Miller thinks he shouldn’t have said anything as it might worsen the situation.

Chrisley Knows Best: Abby Lee Miller Shares Thoughts On Todd’s Prison-Life Claims

Abby Lee Miller was a part of Dance Moms. The star also went to prison in 2015 for hiding her income. She came out of custody in 2018 after spending three years in prison. And now, when she heard Chrisley Knows Best star Todd’s complaints, she had a few things to say.

Miller had initially called Todd “very bougie” for complaining about prison life. The star had also said Todd wouldn’t be able to handle limited access to many amenities. So Todd’s daughter Lindsie had retorted to the statements, calling them “petty” and Abby’s “most recent claim to fame.”

Chrisley Knows Best

And now, after hearing Todd’s interview, she opines that Todd should not have said anything. She believes that this will make things worse for Todd. “They are going to find a way to humiliate you,” she wrote. Abby believes Todd’s ‘rebellion’ will “make it worse than it was for everyone else.” Having lived the prison life, Abby doesn’t think this was a good idea.

However, Abby still claims to “absolutely” support the Chrisley Knows Best star. She said, “the prisoners are probably thrilled that” Todd said something. She also thinks pointing out the “cat” incident was a good idea.

Chrisley Knows Best: Todd & Julie’s Appeal Date Is Pushed Back!

All the Chrisley family members were happy that the court accepted Todd and Julie’s appeal. They celebrated it as a “Thanksgiving win” as the news had arrived on the festive day. However, the family’s happiness lasted for a very short time. Todd’s attorney, Jay Surgent, revealed that the court delayed their appeal.

Chrisley Knows Best

The new appeal date for Todd’s case is in March of 2024. Jay told that Todd wasn’t “happy” with the news. But the Chrisley Knows Best star is still “content” as long as he gets a chance. The family also hopes the judge will give “full consideration” to the appeal and the pair’s arguments. However, the fans are calling the hope a delusion. The kids plan to spend the holidays visiting their parents.

Jay told RadarOnline they are ready to do it “even if it is in an institution.” But they do hope their parents will get out of prison soon. Even Julie and Todd are still holding out hopes for their appeal hearing.

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