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BIG UPDATE: Yellowstone Sequel 2024 Trailer: First Look + New Cast Members!

New Yellowstone Sequel in 2024: Everything We Know So Far!

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We’ll never be ready to say goodbye to Yellowstone! While the series may be ending when episodes return for season 5, we can still expect the story to continue in some form with an upcoming spinoff show that’s tentatively called 2024. Now, we’ll have to wait a while before we can officially dive into any of this (more on that later), but there’s still a lot to discuss.

For a while, Yellowstone fans were worried about the future of the Dutton family after it was revealed that Kevin Costner would be leaving the series. However, after months of back-and-forth and media-gossip, we finally got word that Yellowstone would air its final season in November 2024, alongside the news of two new additions: a prequel named 1944 and a spinoff named 2024.

Information is sparse, but there’s still details that we do know. So, read on for what we have so far on 2024




What will 2024 be about?

Unfortunately, no official plot has yet been released. You can check back here for information on the cast and storyline for 2024.

But in case you missed it, we do know that Taylor Sheridan has brought Matthew McConaughey on board to the Yellowstone universe. He’s expected to star as a lead in a currently unknown spinoff, which will see some of our favorite Yellowstone characters included in as well. Now, we don’t know if this unnamed spinoff is 2024, but we’ll update with information as we find out.

When will 2024 premiere?

There is no official premiere date as of now. We certainly might have to wait for Yellowstone season 5 part 2 to conclude, which will happen in November 2024.

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