BIG UPDATE: Yellowstone 6666 Trailer ft. Jimmy and Teeter (SHOCKING!)

Taylor Sheridan's empire continues to grow.

There seems to be no stopping Taylor Sheridan. The creator of Yellowstone announced a multi-project deal with Paramount in 2021, which includes three (yes, THREE) Yellowstone spinoffs in addition to related Western-themed shows. Plus, Sheridan, as a part of the real estate group, has bought the famed Four Sixes Ranch in Texas—a ranch that just happens to be the focus of one of Sheridan’s new shows.

Here’s what we know about the real Four Sixes Ranch as well as Sheridan’s upcoming Paramount+ series, 6666.

Who founded the 6666 Ranch?

At the age of 10, Samuel “Burk” Burnett began learning ranching from his father and, in 1870, at the age of 19, the young Burnett bought a hundred head of cattle branded with “6666” on them. In 1900, he bought the 8 Ranch near which later became known as the Four Sixes or 6666 Ranch.

Who owns the 6666 Ranch?

Known as the Four Sixes Ranch or the 6666 Ranch, this massive west Texas spread has remained in the Burnett family and as part of a trust until Samuel Burnett’s great-grandaughter, Anne Windfohr Marion, died in early 2020. The property was put up for sale for $341 million, according to her will.

The Star-Telegram confirmed what had been an open secret: Taylor Sheridan is fronting a group that signed a contract for the property in December 2020. (The deal closed in March 2022.) Sheridan told Texas Spur, “The legacy of the 6666 Ranch and Miss Marion’s vision for the ranch are vital not only to the ranch itself but the rich heritage of ranching in Texas.”

This purchase marks the first time it has been sold in more than 150 years.

“Featured on the hit show Yellowstone, the ranch was purchased in its entirety and will continue to represent the icon that it is in the ranching community,” said Don Bell, owner-broker of United Country Real Estate, in a release. “History is always being made around this unique ranch and this purchase was no different.”

How big is the 6666 Ranch?

Huge! The ranch encompasses three separate properties in west Texas that include over 266,000 acres—an area larger than the city of San Antonio and twice the size of Chicago! Yet, it still places at No. 9 on the l ist of the largest ranches in Texas.


Will Paramount film on the 6666 Ranch?

They already have! Back in October 2020, some scenes for season 4 of Yellowstone were filmed at the ranch. We’ve also seen Jimmy at the 6666 in the first half of Yellowstone season 5.

Will there be a series about the 6666 Ranch?

You bet! Paramount also announced previously that another spinoff, with the working title 6666 will premiere on the Paramount Network. The move from streamer Paramount+ to the linear network was unveiled as part of the Paramount’s upfront presentation on May 18, 2022. Previously, in February 2022, our sources at Paramount had only told us that 6666 was in the development stage.

What will 6666 be about?

According to the press release, the show will take place on the famed Four Sixes Texas ranch. “Founded when Comanches still ruled West Texas, no ranch in America is more steeped in the history of the West than the 6666. Still operating as it did two centuries before, and encompassing an entire county, the 6666 is where the rule of law and the laws of nature merge in a place where the most dangerous thing one does is the next thing…The 6666 is synonymous with the merciless endeavor to raise the finest horses and livestock in the world, and ultimately where world-class cowboys are born and made.”

When does 6666 premiere?

No premiere date has been announced, but the second half of Yellowstone season 5 is coming in November 2023. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, we’re expecting 6666 to premiere on Paramount some time in early 2024.

Who’s in the 6666 cast?

Given that Kathryn Kelly has joined the cast of Yellowstone season 5 and we’ve seen more scenes with her and Jimmy down in Texas, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think they’re developing backstories for the new series.

Jefferson White (Jimmy) and Kathryn Kelly (Emily)


No official information has been released but we can expect Jefferson White and Kathryn Kelly who play Jimmy and Emily, respectively, to be a part of the main cast.

Barry Corbin

As Barry Corbin made an appearance when Jimmy first arrived at the 6666 ranch, we hope to see the Northern Exposure star as part of the regular cast or at least as a recurring guest star.

Ryan Bingham

It’s long been rumored that Ryan Bingham, who plays Walker on Yellowstone would be relocating down to Texas, but his participation in the show has yet to be confirmed.

Check back here for more casting news!

Where can I watch 6666?

6666 will air on Paramount Network. The move from streaming to broadcast was unveiled as part of the network’s upfront presentation in May.

Who will star on 6666?

No casting announcements have been made, but the rumor mill is already churning. There is talk that two Yellowstone characters, Jimmy (Jefferson White) and Walker (Ryan Bingham), will likely head south to Texas to work on the Four Sixes Ranch. Since Jimmy and Walker are ranch hands, it’s very possible their characters leave Yellowstone in search of greener pastures. Presumably, Jimmy survives the fall off his horse in the season 3 finale and with the ultimatum from Mia, he may decide to leave the Duttons, and we all know Walker never wanted to really be there in the first place!

While there has been no mention on whether or not the Dutton clan will be involved in the Four Sixes Ranch, an Instagram post from Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, leads to speculation that perhaps Beth may be relocating. Though we think it’s unlikely Beth will move to Texas, she may pop in for a visit now and again. Maybe she and Rip (Cole Hauser) can head there for their honeymoon!

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