BIG UPDATE: Brandon Sklenar gives huge update on season 2 of 1923

Star of 1923 Brandon Sklenar who plays Spencer gave a big update for the upcoming season of 1923. While he has not yet worked with Harrison Ford things are already in motion for a big season 2.

1923 is yet another show that fell victim to the writers’ strike in 2023, but things look to be on the up and up for fans of Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone spinoff. Brandon Sklenar gave the update that fans have been waiting months to hear.

“I haven’t gotten to act with him yet. I will in the last eight episodes that we’re about to start.”

– Brandon Sklenar

That’s fabulous news for anyone who has been concerned about the whereabouts of Spencer Dutton. Brandon replied to a question asking if he has worked with Harrison Ford yet.

It looks like Spencer does make it back home to help Cara and Jacob save the ranch. After the death of his brother John, the future of the Duttons relies heavily on him. Overseas adventures will have to be put on hold for Spencer and his wife permanently.

What happened at the end of the first season of 1923?

Father Renaud is not about to give up on Teonna anytime soon. While Teonna may be out of the woods with her father and Hank’s son, the walls will soon be closing in on them. Even though the murders Teonna committed were justified, the eyes of the law will never see it that way.

The ride back to America has not been a pleasant one for Spencer Dutton. After defending his wife’s honor against Alex’s disgruntled fiancé, Arthur wanted to face off with Spencer Dutton. I’m not sure what exactly winning the fight would have brought him, just being a winner at a losing game, maybe. Needless to say, Spencer won easily, and in an act of rage, Arthur lunged holding a pistol, which left Spencer with no choice but to throw him overboard. Though it was self-defense it bought Spencer a one-way ticket to land. Alex screams out to him in an act of love that she will find her own way to Montana.


Season 2 of 1923 should bring on many reunions. We will have the love story of Alex and Spencer finally making their way back to each other. Cara is more than anxious to see her nephew again but will she think of his new bride? A wildly free spirit doesn’t begin to cover it.

The battle between Creighton and Jacob is about to be an all-out war. Creighton wants revenge, even though he’s the one who keeps starting these fights. But he uses the help of the wealthy Donald Whitfield. Whitfield knows about the financial troubles of the ranch and uses that to exploit the Duttons. Whitfield can take ownership of the ranch’s deed because he paid its property tax. If Jacob doesn’t pay by the end of the year, it will belong to him. This sets up for a very engaging season 2.

The cast of 1923 just made an appearance at the 81st Golden Globe Awards. Both the show and Helen Mirren were up for awards. Neither won but that’s such huge recognition for the show, for Taylor Sheridan, and for Paramount Plus. Here’s to season 2 being even better and even more award-winning in 2024!

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