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BIG UPDATE: 5 things we need from Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2

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We can finally say that the big finale of Yellowstone is coming this year, but with so much still left to be resolved, Taylor Sheridan has a daunting task on his hands to leave audiences satisfied with the conclusion to his epic drama series.

Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 is due to premiere in November 2024, and like it or not, these final episodes will end the story of John Dutton and his children. But how will it all end? Can the Duttons protect their land? Who will make it out of the impending climax alive? And will Summer Higgins convince John to turn vegan?

Well, we’ve come up with five key points the Taylor Sheridan TV show needs to address in order to reach a satisfying conclusion. Please, make it happen, Taylor.

5. Kevin Costner closure

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone Season 5 as JohnPARAMOUNT

Ever since Yellowstone first hit the small screen, the dominant factor in the show’s success has been Kevin Costner. Sure, the supporting members of the Yellowstone cast are brilliant in their own right, but Costner is the ruler of Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy kingdom. That’s all about to change, though, with the esteemed actor unwilling to continue in the role beyond this season.

There’s even a chance we won’t see Costner’s John Dutton again at all, with details of his return for the grand finale still up in the air. Regardless, the showrunners have to be pragmatic and ensure the story is wrapped up in a meaningful way, with or without the Dutton patriarch.

If Costner does indeed refuse to come back for the conclusion, an off-screen death wouldn’t be the end of the world. It would force the remaining characters to deal with the fallout, thus creating new tensions throughout Montana, and it could be very exciting to see that unfold.

4. Jamie Dutton must fail miserably

Jamie Dutton in YellowstoneCBS

One thing’s for sure, Jamie Dutton cannot win. At the end of Season 5 Part 1, the black sheep of the Dutton family tree was ready to take the fight to his adoptive father and bring the whole empire crumbling down. If we’ve learned anything from the previous 47 episodes of Yellowstone, it’s that the antagonists never get what they want.

3. Tragedy awaits Beth and Rip

Rip and Beth in YellowstonePARAMOUNT

Speaking of our favorite Yellowstone characters, Beth and Rip are truly enjoying wedded bliss as we head into the final stretch, but that makes us very nervous. We’d love to see these two ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after, and frankly, they deserve exactly that. But drama series like Yellowstone rarely give characters like these a happy ending.

Both Beth and Rip have done some pretty nasty things in their time, and in true Shakespearean fashion, those sins will have to be counted for. It’s pretty easy to see how Sheridan could break our hearts, too, and unfortunately, it’s Rip who will likely pay the ultimate price.

With Beth firmly in the crosshairs thanks to Jamie putting a hit out on her, we have to assume that a big death is on the horizon. As sad as it may be, it would make perfect sense for Rip to come to the rescue and sacrifice himself to save Beth, thus becoming the reformed hero he’s destined to be. Here’s hoping he can just take Jamie down with him in the process.

2. Progress

Characters John and Beth Dutton in Yellowstone played by Kevin Costner and Kelly ReillyPARAMOUNT

One of the most prominent themes throughout the course of Yellowstone so far, at least for John Dutton, is the idea of conservatism and standing in the way of progress. John likes things the way they are, and so do plenty of the people in Montana, hence why he was able to become such a popular choice for Governor.

We’ve already touched on the idea that, one way or another, John is not going to be around much longer. When he does finally depart, that will likely open up a path for plenty of change in Montana, but change doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

The Dutton Ranch desperately needs to move with the times if it’s to survive the modern world, and it can do that without having an airport built in the middle of it. Beth’s idea to produce and sell high quality meat from the ranch is a surefire route to success, and it might not only save the Yellowstone legacy, but also help Montana to flourish, too.

1. A prophecy fulfilled

Tate Dutton in YellowstonePARAMOUNT

If you’ve followed the Yellowstone spin-off timeline as closely as we have, you’ll know that 1883 (the best show in the whole Sheridan-verse), has already told us how the main show will end. When James Dutton procured the land for the ranch 140 years ago, he was warned by Native American Chief, Spotted Eagle, that the indigenous people would rise up and take back the land in seven generations.

That uprising doesn’t have to become a war, though, and the answer to a peaceful solution is Tate Dutton. As it stands, Tate is the only legitimate heir to the throne, so it stands to reason he will eventually inherit the ranch. As the son of Kayce and Monica, Tate can unite the bloodlines of the Duttons and the people of the reservation. We can think of no better way for the story to end than for Tate to divide up the land among the two sides of his family.

If Yellowstone can tie up all these loose ends and deliver what we want, there’s no doubt it will go down as one of the finest TV series of the modern era. Only time will tell, but until then, why not explore these 11 movies to watch if you love Yellowstone.

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