BIG UPDATE: ‘1923’ Star Announces Major Season 2 Update

It sounds like cameras will start rolling in the very near future on “1923.”

The second “Yellowstone” prequel series became a monster hit the moment it premiered in December 2022, and fans have been waiting on pins and needles for any news about when new episodes might arrive.

The show – like many shows – had been put on ice during the strikes, but with those in the past, production is fully back underway in Hollywood.

That includes a return for the awesome western series from Taylor Sheridan, according to star Brandon Sklenar.

“I haven’t gotten to act with him yet. I will in the last eight episodes that we’re about to start,” Sklenar told Fox News at the Golden Globes when asked about working with Harrison Ford.

Obviously the first part of that statement doesn’t mean much. It’s the second sentence that will have fans amped up going wild.

“1923” star Brandon Sklenar teases show’s return.

I understand what Sklenar said isn’t much, but it’s literally the only update fans have had since the strikes started.

The noise around the “Yellowstone” prequel has been nonexistent. It was whispered a while ago season two would serve as the show’s conclusion, but outside of that, information is protected like the nuclear codes.


Now, one of the most important actors with the show is telling people production will start soon. If that’s true – and there’s no reason to believe it’s – then fans could see season two drop at some point in late 2024.

If cameras start rolling by April, then season two could drop by November when “Yellowstone” returns for its conclusion.

The Paramount+ show isn’t heavy on special effects, which significantly cuts down on postproduction time. The more I think about it, the more it makes perfect sense to drop season two right around when “Yellowstone” returns for the final time.

That would give fans the opportunity to do a little double dipping on the universe made legendary by Taylor Sheridan.

More than anything, fans can’t wait to see where the Duttons go in “1923.” Season one had a great ending with not one but two cliffhangers. Send me your thoughts on the prequel series and what you think will happen at [email protected]. I look forward to digging into it with everyone.

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