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An Outpouring of Emotion: Cole Hauser’s Heartfelt Message to “Yellowstone” Co-Stars Leaves Fans Speechless

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Cole Hauser’s Message To “Yellowstone” Co-Stars Makes Fans Freak Out

Yellowstone fans have anxiously been waiting for news on the show’s future. Season 5 took a midseason break in January, promising to return with new episodes in the summer.

However, summer is fast-approaching, and the cast hasn’t even started filming yet.

Rumors about behind-the-scenes drama pertaining to lead actor Kevin Costner have made fans concerned about the show’s fate. But the cast and people at Paramount remain optimistic about the future.

“What I can say is our star, the face of our show [Costner] and the executive producer, are very confident he’s going to continue with our show,” Keith Cox, the president of development and production at Paramount, said at a recent event.

Still, many fans are upset about the lack of progress being made on the second half of Season 5. One of the show’s recent social media posts generated a ton of comments from discouraged fans, including:

“Done with Duttons! Get the show on the road or get out!!”

“Where is the second half of season 5, please?”

“My question…does anyone have the slightest idea when this crazy show will comeback? Or does anyone even care anymore…asking for a friend.”

Finally, fans got a touch of good news from Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler. He posted a throwback photo on Instagram that shows him with his co-stars Denim Richards (Colby) and Jefferson White (Jimmy).

As awesome as the picture was, it’s what Hauser had to say in the caption that got fans talking. “Found this old pic of my boys @denimrichards @_jeffersonwhite see y’all soon!” Hauser said.

People started freaking out in the comments, saying things such as:

“We’ll see you soon? Promise?? All these rumors and stories about the show ending and KC not coming back has got people nervous! So hearing THIS is the most positive thing I have heard in a long time.”

“Hopefully so, cuz the wait is getting ridiculous now!”

“When? When? When?? Can’t bear it!!”

“When soon?????”

“Love this. Get back to work boys! We miss you.”

“Hopefully real soon!!”

Hauser posted his message to Richards and White just one day before a new, unconfirmed report surfaced that Yellowstone will be canceled at the end of Season 5. This only made fans more concerned about the show’s fate. So Hauser’s message to his co-stars is serving as a big source of hope in the middle of an uncertain time.


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