Ashleigh Chrisley Speaks Out: Breaking Her Instagram Silence with a Powerful Message

Little is known about Kyle Chrisley’s wife Ashleigh. Neither she nor Kyle makes a habit of posting very often on social media. In fact, prior to today, Kyle Chrisley’s wife Ashleigh had only posted once on her Instagram profile this year. Moreover, she only has 29 posts on her profile period. So, it is a rarity for her to surface on Instagram.

With all of this information in mind, Chrisley Knows Best fans were surprised when Ashleigh broke her silence and surfaced with a rare update to her Instagram profile. The post was super random but adorable. Chrisley Knows Best fans were here for it.

What did Kyle Chrisley’s elusive wife Ashleigh have to say in this rare and random Instagram update? Keep reading for the details.

Kyle Chrisley And Ashleigh Nelson [Credit: Kyle Chrisley/Instagram]

Kyle Chrisley’s wife Ashleigh breaks Instagram silence

Kyle Chrisley’s wife Ashleigh decided to jump on a couple’s trend that was currently making rounds on social media. The trend involved sharing a childhood photo of herself and Kyle. The photo of herself was attached to a caption thinking about what her husband who she would grow up to marry would be and what he would look like. The video transitioned to a photo of a young Kyle Chrisley who responded to the question with a very simple answer “Duh, me!”

Ashleigh explained as she shared the trend on Instagram that she thought it was adorable. So, she decided to hop on the trend and do her own rendition of it. With just 11K followers on Instagram, her post didn’t attract very much attention.

Her husband Kyle, however, did reshare her Instagram post on his Instagram Stories. Kyle Chrisley is an elusive member of the family and is considered a bit of a black sheep. So, it doesn’t exactly have the same large following as his siblings.

He also rarely posts on Instagram

Like his wife, Kyle Chrisley also isn’t one to post very often on social media. It has been two weeks since the last updated his profile. Moreover, he only has about 30 more posts on his profile as a whole than his wife Ashleigh. Since walking away from the reality TV spotlight, Kyle Chrisley has opted to live more of a private life. Considering the struggles he’s had with both his mental health and drug addiction, it is understandable why he wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight anymore.

What did you think of the video Ashleigh posted on her profile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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