A Betrayal Exposed: Jeymi’s Admission of Infidelity Shocks 90 Day Fiance Fans

90 Day Fiance stars Kris and Jeymi have been popular for their controversial storyline. Fans were concerned about the future of the couple when they decided to marry within nine days of meeting each other. As expected, their honeymoon period didn’t last long. Kris and Jeymi learned about the challenges of marriage at the earliest stage. Fans were expecting the drama after the couple experiences real life. As a result, it appears that Kris and Jeymi’s love is currently unable to survive the test of time. Recently, Kris accuses Jeymi of cheating on her. Is this true?

90 Day Fiance: Kris Calls Out At Jeymi For Cheating On Her More Than Once!

The recent Tell-All episodes have been full of drama. Kris and Jeymi had a shocking revelation in the second Tell All episode of The Other Way Season 4. During it, Kris alleges that Jeymi Noguera, her wife, had three affairs outside of the marriage. Previously, the 90 Day Fiance audience was upset with Kris for getting physical and shoving Jeymi during the Season 4 finale episode. It appeared to be the end of the couple’s romance. However, in the latest Tell-All episode, Jeymi confesses to cheating on Kris once.


However, Kris alleges there were two other occasions on which her wife isn’t admitting. During the episode, Foster reveals to the host, Shaun Robinson

, that Jeymi made a friend on Instagram. The latter befriended her after she traveled to Colombia to live with her from the United States. Further, she expressed, “This girl is commenting on all of Jeymi’s photos and liking them.” Kris revealed that her wife’s reaction was rather upsetting as she said, “I didn’t know she was on there.”
Surprisingly, Jeymi said furiously that she cheated on because Kris “disappeared,” and it’s normal. Further, Shaun tries to learn the truth from the couple because of their different reasons. Jeymi kept saying Kris was gone for 20 days, but Kris said he was only gone for five. Additionally, Jeymi claims, “For one month, one month, she vanished.”

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Calls Jeymi A “Predator” For Cheating On Kris!

Kris and Jeymi have lately been accusing each other of cheating. A lot of the TLC fans also criticized Kris for treating Jeymi badly. However, the former changed everyone’s perspective after she accused the latter. Debbie Aguera, a fellow cast member of the new season of 90 Day Fiance, jumped into the conversation. She expressed her opinions and revealed that she thinks Jeymi is a predator. It appears that Tell All provides each cast member the ability to go into great detail about their relationships. This frequently results in several disputes and clashes.

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Moreover, Jeymi and Kris were arguing about how long the latter had been ghosting her wife. Foster insisted it was only five days, but her wife was adamant that it was a full month. In the midst of this, Debbie entered the conversation and took Kris’ side. Aguero claimed that Jeymi was the taker and Kris was the giver. Everyone was a little taken aback by this. However, the other cast members, Veronica and Tim, don’t agree with her.

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