Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 9 Return Date: The Network’s Big Wait

As so many of you are most likely aware at this point, we are waiting to see Yellowstone season 5 episode 9 arrive on Paramount Network. We tend to think that the network, at this point, has to be as eager as anyone to push things forward with Kevin Costner on board.

It has now been several weeks since some of the first reports surfaced about the actor and his alleged availability for the show. Has there been any progress since then? If so, it hasn’t been made public. We thought that at least for today, there would be some value in at least diving into just how patient this network is willing to be at the moment, especially since we know there are some other options in the event we don’t see the show move forward with Costner in some significant way.

We should go ahead and remind you now that 100%, Yellowstone wants to keep doing what they always have with Kevin as the leading man. There’s a reason why they have released a statement already nothing that they have no plans to move forward without him. However, that doesn’t mean that they completely are shying away from potential contingencies. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if they are formulating some other ideas, whether it be bringing on board Matthew McConaughey or doing whatever else they can to ensure this franchise keeps going strong.

For the time being, though, we do think they will be patient until at least the summer to figure something out with Costner on board as John Dutton. We think that so long as they can get episodes out there again by November, they will be reasonably content — it’s not what they originally wanted, but they may able to handle that. The larger concern would be if this doesn’t happen, and that’s when we could see something a little more radical.

If nothing else, we think both the network and Taylor Sheridan would like to at least continue the story that was already established for season 5. If they have to shake things up in a larger capacity for a possible season 6, they can deal with that then.

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