EastEnders’ Stacey Slater to face the police in shock new story

The shocking new tale of Stacey Slater has been further explained by EastEnders.

In upcoming episodes, Stacey will see herself stooping lower than ever as her money issues persist.

Jean is suspicious of Stacey’s casual response to a new crisis at the Slaters’ home, particularly when it becomes apparent that she has money to burn.

Jean, who is concerned, asks Stacey if her daughter has stolen money from the workplace, but Stacey disputes this.

However, after Lily gets into a brawl at school, Stacey starts to second-guess herself out of concern that she might end up in jail once more.

Stacey asks Jean to assist her in distracting security officer Alan in order to return the money, but things don’t go as planned.

Stacey gets ready to go to the police station and chaos breaks out in the wake.

Stacey chooses to stop by Alan while she is traveling and threatens him because she is upset that she might end up missing Lily’s prize-giving as a result.

In the conversation, Stacey disputes Callum’s accusations of money theft.

Stacey returns and is overcome by the scene as Kat is presiding over business with the Slaters in The Vic.

The family follows Stacey home, and there Kat confesses that she is using Mitchell money to help Slater with his problems.

Sadly, the intended result is not achieved, and Kat and Stacey end up getting into a heated argument.

After that, Kat and Stacey are at odds, and Jean attempts in vain to mediate.

Later in the week, Martin returns home, flush with cash and prepared to persuade a stubborn Stacey to take Kat’s assistance.

He persuades her to see the absurdity of rejecting Kat’s money assistance and nudges her to consider the bigger picture.

Stacey agrees to apologize, but just when it seems like she and Kat have reached an understanding, the argument resumes. What does this imply?

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