EastEnders spoilers: Stacey’s shock as she discovers Freddie’s stunning secret?

Due to the rising costs caused by Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) young daughter Lily’s (Lillia Turner) pregnancy, she will use all available resources to maintain the family’s roof over their heads.

Although his is a little more outrageous than Stacey’s, Freddie (Bobby Brazier) has also come up with a money-making plan, so she is not alone.

Given her light-handed approach to their financial situation, Stacey presumably doesn’t have much room to judge, but she is in for a surprise when she learns what Freddie has been up to.

When Freddie offers to take Jean (Gillian Wright) to a fancy Mother’s Day lunch at The Vic at the beginning of the week, Jean is overjoyed.

Flashing the money a little, huh?

Rocky, who is in the pub with Kathy, Bobby, and Ben, however, is anxious to keep quiet about how he and Freddie have been earning their money.

I really hope he doesn’t step on it.

Afterward, broke Stacey requires money and finds it hard to comprehend why Freddie is so wealthy. However, when she and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) intrude on Freddie and Rocky’s (Brian Conley) covert gathering in the laundromat’s back room, they end up getting more than they bargained for.

We learned about Stacey’s discovery from Lacey. “In her world, Freddie’s money-making tactics has never even surfaced, so she just thinks it’s quite an odd thing to do,” Lacey said.

But since she is making excellent money, I believe that part of her also believes that as long as the rent is paid, the rent is paid. She does urge him to stop, but after realizing that he is in fact earning some money from it, she tries to persuade him to keep doing it.

Has she thus been convinced to take a tentative step toward accepting the money? Shiv, a debt shark, is after all pressuring her.

The actress sighed, “She doesn’t really have an option and she knows that.

“In a perfect world, she just helps everyone and keeps everyone afloat, but I think she realizes she’s in a situation where she doesn’t really have a choice so she has to take it.”

Will Freddie’s online plan, though, be sufficient to keep the family together and get Shiv off Stacey’s good side? It might not be the complete miracle they are all praying for because she will be attacked later in the week.

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