EastEnders spoilers: Return for Patrick’s love Yolande as he wins her back?

We’ve been waiting a long time to see his ex-wife Yolande (Angela Wynter) again because there is still a lot of unresolved business between a pair we believed to be compatible.

That liaison with Pat was regrettable. But is there any chance left?

When Denise Fox (Diane Parish)’s standards slipped at the Minute Mart, Yolande presided over a disciplinary case against her.

After that, she went to the Square, where she met Patrick, with whom she immediately clicked.

If the guy has his way, their chemistry might be brought back.

Patrick places a wager on a horse named “Little Prayer” in honor of Yolande’s 70th birthday because that was the song that was performed at their wedding.

Patrick takes his family to a celebratory meal at Walford East when his horse arrives.

Patrick says he’s going to see Yolande and wants to bring her back after warning Denzel not to take love for granted.

Will his latest advice to Denzel Danes (Jaden Lageda) in his capacity as a love guru be effective? Is Yolande planning a reunion with her partner and a trip back to the Square?

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