EastEnders spoilers: ‘Menacing’ Ravi Gulati vows to ruin Denise Fox’s life

Police Officer Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), who is in charge of the probe into the criminal, is pursuing him after he showed up in the Square last year after serving time in prison.

Denise, meanwhile, struggled to resist Ravi’s charms earlier this year, with the pair almost starting on an affair, until she discovered she couldn’t cheat on Jack, but matters were complicated when she realised that her husband was looking into Ravi, hoping to bring him down.

After a close call, in which Callum Highway (Tony Clay) caught her on camera with Ravi, Denise informed her near-lover all about Jack’s investigation, thinking this would keep him at arm’s length.

Ravi’s attempt to use Denise to obtain information about the investigation so he is aware of what he is up against has had the opposite impact, though.

After baring his soul to Denise, Ravi feels extremely scorned and wounded, according to actor Aaron Thiara. ‘He can’t handle that intensity of emotion and pain because he is narcissistic, so he automatically responds, “Okay, well, I’m going to defend myself and I’m going to make your life miserable.”

Ravi knows that he is being looked into by Jack, as Denise reveals, so it has rapidly become a matter of survival for him. Since his son Davinder is the most important person in his life, Ravi must decide whether to risk losing him by going to prison—something he really regrets doing in the past—or attempt to learn the truth at all costs.

“If that means using Denise as a pawn, then so be it.”

Ravi turns his focus to Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) much to Denise’s surprise after she refuses to be bullied by him and commands him to do his worst.

Actor Aaron acknowledges that his character does not have a love interest in Chelsea and that everything he is doing is for the sake of survival. If doing that results in someone’s heart being broken, so be it. He wishes to move Chelsea’s relationship forward, but not completely.

He’s testing the seas to see how far he needs to go to get the information from Denise by using Chelsea as a pawn, so to speak.

Next week, much to Denise and Jack’s dismay, Ravi goes a step further by bringing himself as Chelsea’s plus one to the family game night. Things spiral out of control when Ravi starts making fun of Jack about Denise and then offers to avoid Chelsea in return for the information. Ravi returns with a threat that makes Denise quake in her boots after she triumphantly puts him in his place.

Regarding the upcoming scenes, Aaron continued, “Ravi reveals his malicious, menacing true colors to Denise because Ravi is currently in survival mode.

Games night is full of intriguing outfits and layers. Ravi is attempting to portray himself as Chelsea’s best companion in front of her family, but underneath it all, he is acting dishonestly in order to irritate Denise.

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