EastEnders’ Nish issues Suki with menacing threat as she deceives him

In tonight’s episode of EastEnders (7th March), Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) threatened his wife Suki (Balvinder Sopal) after learning that she had pressured their daughter Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) into accepting a position in Canada.

Suki renewed her vows to the abusive Nish last week, but the occasion only served to highlight how much Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) means to her as she finally admitted her emotions.

Eve sent Suki a message requesting to see her as Nish secretly planned a special dinner with his wife tonight. When Suki told her husband she had to leave for a business appointment, she was lying. However, Freddie (Bobby Brazier) interrupted her and Eve at the Slaters’, and Eve sighed, hoping she and Suki could just have some peace. Suki promised to make arrangements, and Ash told Nish at the Minute Mart that she had received a call regarding the job she had previously been offered abroad, giving her a second opportunity to accept it. Ash asked her father’s opinion and revealed that moving to Canada had been her ambition.

Nish, who didn’t want her to leave, emphasized the value of family and pointed out that the doctor’s office had been purchased specifically for her. Nish gave Suki instructions to prevent Ash from accepting the position when they were alone. Suki had told Nish that their business collaboration in Leeds was in jeopardy in an effort to convince him to take frequent vacations.

Suki then met up with Ash and purposefully told her that she wasn’t qualified for the Canadian opportunity, understanding that it would encourage her to pursue it. Suki lied to Nish that she had failed in her attempt to persuade Ash to remain as Ash became enraged and decided she would undoubtedly accept the position. Suki proposed they should take the long view and respect Ash’s choice, and Nish maintained his composure.

Nish concurred, and the two went to The Vic for cocktails with Ash, his son Vinny (Shiv Jalota), and flirtatious Finlay Baker (Ashley Byam). Suki went up to a nearby Eve and told her how she had feigned to clip her daughter’s wings before adding that she had managed to secure a private moment for the two of them. Nish later noticed Suki gazing affectionately at Ash as he was rejoicing, and he realized that she had made sure their daughter accepted the position.

He waited for his wife to arrive at home and then challenged her about matching his level of cunning. Nish made it obvious that he wasn’t going to let Suki get away with this accusation despite her attempts to refute it.

He said, “You only understand what independence is when it’s taken away from you. “This is my household. I’m seated at the top. What’s best for us is decided by me. Never forget that, please.”

Suki was left uncomfortable, but can she get away from Nish’s tight grip?

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