EastEnders’ Denise Fox contemplates another shock betrayal in Ravi story

In the course of the EastEnders’ Ravi Gulati affair plot, Denise Fox is expected to consider yet another significant betrayal.

In recent scenes, Denise almost got discovered having an illicit relationship with Ravi while Jack Branning was watching.

In an argumentative exchange, Jack first questioned Denise’s whereabouts, to which she replied that she was checking into a nearby hotel to escape the stress of the Square. He then openly questioned whether she was having an affair.

He finally insisted that she leave for her hotel night despite her denials, but while she was with Ravi, she became overcome with guilt and made the decision to go back to Jack’s house.

In fresh scenes set to broadcast the following week, Denise faces pressure from Ravi to access Jack’s laptop and take the data he requires. Denise nearly caves as she considers doing so when she receives a call informing her that Amy was involved in a brawl at school.

Later, she goes to locate Ravi, calling him out by announcing that she won’t betray Jack and telling him he can do whatever he wants. Denise also expresses her guilt for disappointing Jack and the family, and Kim, who is ignorant of this, comforts her.

Ravi decides to take things into his own hands and gets ready to break into the Branning home, but Chelsea stops him and they engage in a flirtatious conversation as he makes an excuse.

Ravi is given a second opportunity when Chelsea must leave to see Jordan. However, this time, Denise and Jack are also interrupted as they bring Keanu home.

Chelsea is reluctant to go on a date with Keanu, but Denise is desperate to see them together. Keanu persuades Denise to give him an opportunity.

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