EastEnders brings back missing character in latest episode

After a short absence to film EastEnders, Alfie Moon is back in the Square.

Because he was busy playing the title role in a Sleeping Beauty panto in Plymouth during the final block of shooting for the previous year, cast member Shane Richie hasn’t appeared on-screen in the soap since January.

In the episode that aired on Tuesday (March 14), viewers caught up with Alfie as he discovered the extent of the Slaters’ money issues as a result of the cost of living crisis. Their most recent issue concerned a broken refrigerator.

Stacey was caught trying to steal money from the office cash box because she was too desperate, but when security guard Alan asked her out to maintain her cover, she kneed him and ran away.

While this was going on, Freddie Slater was thinking of creative methods to support the family, like uploading pictures of his feet to an adult website. Stacey will now have access to a larger area in the future because of this.

In the most recent episode, Stacey made an attempt to take advantage of Alan’s workplace harassment by promising not to file a report if he dropped the theft charges.

Despite having to maintain her composure while Callum questioned her, Stacey eventually acknowledged kneeing Alan while continuing to dispute the theft.

Meanwhile, Alfie was back assisting clean up at the pub when he found out about Freddie’s posts on an adult website. Alfie jokingly said he didn’t want to see Freddie in “all [his] glory” on “an international video”.

Later, Kat called the Slaters together to make her announcement that she would use “Mitchell money” to address the family’s financial issues. Stacey, who was enraged, tossed the offer back in Kat’s direction.

Since you became a Mitchell, you’ve lost touch with what real life is like, Stacey snarled.

Alfie will have to come up with fresh strategies to assist the Slaters this week as he attempts to pass off Big Mo’s hidden collection of wedding gowns with Stacey and Kat out of the picture.

Shane Richie’s Sleeping Beauty pantomime, which played from December 22 through January 14, 2023 at the Theatre Royal Plymouth, was a big success while he was away from EastEnders.

The Plymouth Herald claimed that Sleeping Beauty had surpassed a previous 2019 record-holder featuring Shane’s EastEnders coworker Brian Conley to become the Theatre Royal’s most financially successful panto ever.

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