Darcey & Stacey’: Darcey Silva’s Matchmaker Gets Real – Was She Too Harsh?

Darcey Silva‘s matchmaker gets real with her on Darcey & Stacey. Was Michelle too harsh? Or is she giving constructive criticism?

Darcey & Stacey: Darcey Silva Finds Out Truth about Date

Darcey Silva meets up with her matchmaker, Michelle, to discuss Cicero Pinto standing her up on their date. The Darcey & Stacey reality star also found out he was hanging out with another woman around the same time they met.

The matchmaker disagrees with him standing her up. But, as for seeing other women, she knows she can’t control him.

Michelle reveals that Cicero gave her feedback about the TLC celeb. She tells her he didn’t like how she portrayed herself on social media.

However, Stacey Silva’s twin sister finds it shocking. She tells her matchmaker that he said the “total opposite” about her online profile when she was with him.

Michelle tells Darcey Silva that her online persona is “inappropriate.” However, the Darcey & Stacey cast member disagrees. She feels that her matchmaker should match her up with someone who is “not judgmental” about how she lives her life.

The matchmaker also mentions that Cicero Pinto spoke about the 90 Day Fiance alum consuming too much alcohol during their date. Stacey Silva’s sister finds it interesting. She says he was the one ordering them for her.

Darcey Fires Matchmaker Michelle

Darcey Silva feels that Michelle is being disrespectful. She thinks that Cicero Pinto is telling her lies about her. She feels that the matchmaker is blaming her for everything.

The Darcey & Stacey cast member doesn’t feel matchmaking is suitable for her. So, Michelle asks if she wants to terminate their “matchmaking relationship.” She answers, “pretty much.”

Darcey tells Michelle that she has done everything she asked her to do. But, her matchmaking journey has been “totally disappointing.”

Michelle feels she tried to point out “patterns of behavior” that the former 90 Day Fiance star may not be aware of. She can see why she is still single.

Did Darcey & Stacey Celeb Deserve Harsh Comments?

Michelle tells Darcey Silva that she is the common denominator in all her failed relationships. She suggests that the TLC celeb sees a therapist. However, Stacey Silva’s twin feels she has done all the “inner work.” But the matchmaker thinks that “there’s more work to be done.”

Darcey feels that she hired Michelle to be a matchmaker, not a shrink. The Darcey & Stacey celeb didn’t “sign up for some mental health assessment.” She says, “it’s a low blow.” She feels that it is her way of getting back since she wants to part ways. But, is the matchmaker right?

Many fans agree with the dating coach. One person points out that Jesse Meester, Tom Brooks and now Cicero Pinto have all commented on the 90 Day Fiance alum’s drinking.

Another person loves how the matchmaker “cared enough” to tell her what was wrong. A person even thinks she should get a therapist and “stay single for a year.”

However, some fans don’t think Darcey deserved that treatment from Michelle. One person hopes the TLC celeb finds love. Another person thinks it was “harsh.” But will she take the matchmaker’s advice?

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