15 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week (March 13 to 16)

What’s coming up in Walford?

Next week on EastEnders, Stacey is questioned by the police, Jay is accused of cheating on Lola, while Whitney and Zack face saying a final goodbye to baby Peach.

Here’s a full collection of the 15 biggest moments coming up:

1. Jean grows suspicious of Stacey

Jean becomes suspicious when skint daughter Stacey suddenly has a load of cash to splash.

Jean demands to know if Stacey stole it, to help with the Slater family’s ongoing money troubles.

2. Denise is blackmailed by Ravi

Denise is under pressure from Ravi to find out the details of her partner Jack’s investigation.

Worried that Ravi could expose the details of their affair, Denise considers snooping through Jack’s laptop to see what incriminating evidence he has.

3. Jay worries about Lola

Jay and Lexi worry about Lola when she exhausts herself getting involved with a brain tumour awareness fundraiser.

Worried when Lola zones out, Jay insists he takes her to the hospital.

4. Stacey is questioned by the police

Stacey could be in big trouble when police officer Callum wants to question her.

Stacey fears she could be sent back to prison for what she has done…

5. Alfie makes a shock discovery

Freddie has an idea of how to make some money to help the Slater family with their cash crisis.

Alfie’s shocked when he finds out what Freddie’s money-making scheme actually involves.

6. Kat and Stacey have a bust-up

There’s a massive fallout between Kat and Stacey, when Kat reveals she’s planning to use Mitchell family money to solve the Slater troubles.

But proud Stacey isn’t prepared to accept a single penny of Mitchell money, sparking a huge row between her and Kat.

7. Ravi takes shock action

Ravi takes matters into his own hands and decides to break into the Branning house to find out what incriminating evidence Jack has on him.

But just as he starts to snoop, he’s caught in the act by Chelsea.

8. Chelsea and Keanu go on a date

Denise is determined to play matchmaker between her daughter Chelsea and Keanu.

Chelsea agrees to a date with Keanu at The Vic. When Keanu’s back is turned, another Walford resident starts flirting with her.

9. Lola gets worrying news

Jay clashes with Emma when she returns and interferes again, deciding she knows what’s best for her estranged daughter Lola.

Emma thinks Jay is being too overprotective of Lola. But at the hospital, Lola receives some alarming news.

10. Jay is accused of cheating

During a night out with Ben and Callum, Jay starts chatting with a girl, and Emma happens to see them talking.

When he gets home, Jay can’t believe it when Lola incorrectly suspects he has cheated on her.

11. Whitney and Zack face further heartbreak

With Mother’s Day coming up, Whitney is already feeling emotional after recent events.

But then she gets a phone call with the news that baby Peach’s ashes are ready to collect.

Can Whitney and Zack bring themselves to say goodbye to their daughter?

12. Martin returns

Martin tries to play peacekeeper between his ex-wife Stacey and Kat.

He reckons it would be madness to turn down Kat’s offer of the Mitchell money.

13. Whitney avoids Zack

Zack tries to talk to Whitney about having a memorial for Peach.

They agree to pick up their daughter’s ashes together until Whitney sees Lily have a health scare and uses the moment to ditch Zack.

Whitney and Lily return to the Slater house, where Whitney goes completely over the top about protecting Lily’s unborn baby and a row ensues.

Zack struggles with his emotions and he sits with Peach’s ashes. Later, he sees distraught Whitney and confronts her over her decision to leave him to undertake such a tragic task alone.

14. Jay supports Lola at hospital

Lola and Jay are reunited, as she tries to face up to the bad news she gets at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Honey makes sure the couple have some space by distracting Lola’s controlling mum Emma.

15. Keanu is confronted over his feelings

Chelsea isn’t happy when she finds out Keanu has agreed to work for his ex-lover, Sharon.

She puts him on the spot and asks him if he’s still in love with Sharon, but what will Keanu say?

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