Girl Asks Police to Help Her Find Out ‘If Santa Is Real’ Using DNA Test on Half-Eaten Cookie

Police in Rhode Island are investigating whether Santa Claus and his nine reindeer exist after a young girl submitted evidence that he visited her on Christmas Eve.

The Cumberland Police Department recently received a letter from a young girl with a unique request: to run a DNA test on a partially eaten cookie and carrot to find out if Santa Claus is real.

“Dear Cumberland Police Department, I took a sample of a cookie and carrots that I left for Santa and the raindeer on Christmas Eve and was wondering if you could take a sample of DNA and see if Santa is real?” the young girl’s letter read.

Images shared by the department on Facebook showed a half-eaten Oreo cookie, along with two small pieces of carrot.

“Earlier this month, a young investigator from the Town of Cumberland submitted the attached letter requesting a DNA analysis be conducted on the partially eaten cookie, and carrot remains she acquired on the morning of December 25, 2022, for possible DNA evidence of Santa Claus… and/or one of his nine reindeer,” the department wrote in a press release on Friday.

The department said Chief Matthew J. Benson asked the Investigative Division to deliver the evidence to the State of Rhode Island’s Department of Health – Forensic Sciences Unit for analysis.

“This young lady obviously has a keen sense for truth and the investigative process and did a tremendous job packaging her evidence for submission,” Benson said in the release. “We will do our very best to provide answers for her.”

On Facebook, residents seemed to approve of the investigation.

“I [love] this story,” Rebecca Jean wrote in the comments section of the news release. “Never stop believing in the magic.”

Police are awaiting testing results, and they have been in contact with the girl.

“While the Cumberland Police Department awaits the testing results, the department has been in contact with this future-CPD Detective and provided her with some already uncovered evidence in support of Santa Claus’ presence in her neighborhood the night of December 24th, 2022,” the released continued.

The department said they provided the girl with evidence that Santa was in her neighborhood, including a security camera photo showing a deer with antlers.


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