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‘1883’ Fans Call Out Elsa Dutton’s Hair: “Who Bleached Hair In The Late 19th Century?”

NEW UPDATE: 1883 Hair Controversy Dominates Fan Discussions

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With Taylor Sheridan… it all comes down to authenticity.

Ranchers in Yellowstone or pioneers in 1883, the man lives and breathes authenticity. And his cast and crew know it too.

Whether it’s Sam Elliott, Jefferson White, Tim McGraw, or even Kevin Costner, anyone who has had the privilege of working alongside Taylor has more than enough good things to say about his approach, but more importantly, his commitment to the truth in storytelling.

In 1883, many of the female cast members even grew out their armpit hair since women really didn’t start shaving until the 1920s.

Isabel May, who plays Elsa Dutton, the main driver of the story, weighed in on it:

“This is my real hair. I’m very proud of it. It’s not that bad. Everyone was freaking out about it because all the ladies on set had to grow their hair out as well.

I think it’s rather nice. What’s not great is the smell, I’m not gonna lie. It’s a whole other beast in 106 degrees. I carry around deodorant everywhere I go.”

The characters don’t really wear much makeup either (other than a nice layer of dirt), but there is one thing that 1883 fans (including my wife) continue to call out.

Elsa’s hair.

In the most recent episode, which was actually called “Lightning Yellow Hair,” fans noticed her hair extensions were pretty obvious. And they called it out:








Tough crowd…

The next episode of 1883, “The Weep Of Surrender,” is set to air on February 13th.

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